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Emily King J Records Interview

August 27, 2007

Introducing the multi-talented J Records recording artist EMILY KING.

Shelia Goss: Why did you start singing?
Emily King:
My parents are professional singers. I’ve always been around it. They put me in their shows. My parents have been my biggest influence.

Shelia: Did you write the songs on your album “East Side Story”?
Emily K.:
Yes, I did. I’m a self-contained writer. It was a huge collaboration with Chucky Thompson. Chucky was a “hit man” with Bad Boy. He did Mary J Blige’s “My Life” and worked with Faith Evans. He’s an incredibile producer.

Shelia: You’re on J Records right?
Emily K.:

Shelia: How did you get discovered?
Emily K.:
My mother had a friend at Sony music publishing and one of his writers was Chucky. I brought a demo to my mom’s friend and he ended up playing it for Chucky. Chucky and I met the following week and we hit it off. We started going up to different labels. I would bring my guitar, sing and play to the executives. One day we made it to Clive Davis. I sang and got a great respond wand we’ve been working every since.

Shelia: Congratulations.
Emily K.:
Thank you…I’m excited.

Shelia: Before meeting up with Chucky, were you looking for a record deal or just writing and singing with hopes of pursuing a record deal later?
Emily K.:
I was really prepping myself. I got out of high school at 16 and had been doing gigs and playing in coffeehouses. I made a demo and thinking positive, I knew somebody was going to hear it.

Shelia: How do your friends feel about your record deal?
Emily K.:
They feel good. They’re excited. They want to see me on MTV or BET one day.

Shelia: Besides Clive Davis, who is someone you met recently that you were like in awe of?
Emily K.:
I opened up for Common. I’m a fan of Common and he’s such a cool dude.

Shelia: Is there more fast paced songs verses slow paced songs or mixed?
Emily K.:
We mixed it up. We want to give you that roller coast ride. I want people to play it straight through.

Shelia: For those readers who may not have heard of Emily King, what singer would you compare yourself with?
Emily K.:
That’s a tough one. I get a lot of comparisons. Sometimes people say Teena Marie, Alicia Keys or Norah Jones. I’m honored to be compared to them but I’m trying to bring my own thing and I hope people like it. Everybody is unique.

Shelia: What do you do in your spare time when you want to relax and unwind?
Emily K.:
I like to crotchet. I knit. I cook. I like to bake. I oil paint. Anything creative. I like hanging out with people and friends, going to the movies and playing pool. There’s always something to do here in NYC.

Shelia: What artists do you listen to the most?
Emily K.:
I listen to singer/songwriters, but I listen to a lot of different things.

Shelia: Pick three songs from your CD and tell me about it.
Emily K.:
Color Blind: It talks about how I feel about life; how I was raised. I’m interracial and it deals with that.

You & I: I wrote it and it was effortlessly. It has a really pure love message in it. I enjoyed singing that one a lot.

It Was You: Definitely a favorite. I wrote it a time ago. I wrote it about my parents actually getting divorced.

Shelia: Last question. How does it feel to be on the label headed by one of the most respected men in music–Clive Davis?
Emily K.:
It’s mind blowing.

Emily King’s new CD release “East Side Story” on J Records is in stores now.

Interview by entertainment writer Shelia M Goss. She’s also the national bestselling author of My Invisible Husband, Roses are thorns, Violets are true, Paige’s Web (October 2007) and Double Platinum (coming Spring 2008). To read more interviews or find out more about this writer, visit her website

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