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JoJo’s Journal – American Music Awards and more

November 27, 2007


What’s up people?!  Did you all enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday and give thanks for all that you have?  I did.  I’m still tired from cooking all that food! 


Did ya’ll watch the American Music Awards on November 18?  The performances were excellent.  Alicia Keys was her amazing self.  She did a reggae thing that had me on my feet! She wowed us on and off stage with her beauty.  Marvelous!  Mary J. Blige looked youthful and was fabulous.  Rihanna and Ne-Yo were beautiful together; they sang one of my favorite songs “Hate That I Love You” and it was near perfect!  I must add that Ne-Yo is a very dapper young man. Chris Brown and T Pain were good; very energetic.  I surprisingly liked Avril Lavigne.  She’s been doing her thing for a while but I’m just starting to feel her.  Perhaps she’s grown up a bit.  Beyonce performed with the country group Sugarland; it was very interesting.  They actually sounded great together.  Is there anything that Ms. B can’t do?  She sings country and is now coming out with a country CD!  I love her!  She received a special award that only a few have received in the past. This chick is one of the most talented and beautiful performers to come along in many years.  I say she is in a class by herself.  Carrie Underwood and Chris Daughtry won a few awards.  As you know, both are American Idol alums.  Carrie is a BIG country star.  I’ve already said I’m a fan.  Love her!  Good for them!   

Usher was one of many presenters and seemed down.  He briefly spoke about Donda West’s death.  When is he coming out with something new?  I suppose he’s busy with his new wife and baby on the way. 


The video for Jaheim’s new single “Never” can be seen at AOL music.  It’s cute.  Looks like it was filmed in Newark, NJ – I recognized some of the spots.  Ya’ll know that I have a BIG crush on the brother and he is my friend “in my head” as Wendy Williams would say.  But can someone tell me why most black male singers usually have light-skinned, long-haired women as their love interests?  Sorry, that bothers me.  Okay, I’ll leave that alone.


Katherine McPhee is 23 and engaged to her 42 year old boyfriend.  Oh, don’t know who she is?  She’s one of those American Idol castoffs.  Anyhow, how come I haven’t read negative comments in the gossip mags about that?!  When an older woman gets with a younger man all sorts of negative crap is written! My most recent ex was ten years younger that I.  Yeah, he turned out to be a bum but I was digging him for a minute! 


Amy Winehouse continues to be written about for all the wrong reasons.  Once again she disappointed fans in England on the opening night of her UK tour because her performance was “lackluster”.  Some fans even started walking out in the middle of her show!  That’s embarrassing when people start leaving while an artist is performing.  Daag! And this chick has such a great voice!  A true chanteuse!  Amy, Amy, Amayyyyy!!  Obviously, she has a serious drug abuse issue.  Just smoke a damn blunt and leave the hard drugs alone Ms. Winehouse.  Oh, wait, that’s not good either.  My bad.  And get this – her husband Blake is in jail charged with trying to pay off a witness to not testify against him; if found guilty he could face life in prison.  What a jerk.  Amy and Blake is a disastrous couple.    

Question:  Why is Amy often photographed with a bruised up face and what appear to be sores around her mouth?  Is someone kicking her ass or what?  I hope her family and friends are up on that.  Just making an observation.


Oooo, oooo, if you guys have not heard Kirk Franklin’s new song “Declaration (This Is It!)” then go to Kirk’s MySpace page where you can hear it.  It is going to be the anthem to listen to especially when your spirits are down and you need to be uplifted!  Well, ya’ll know Kirk always takes us to a higher level with his music.  Kirk sampled the Kenny Loggins/Michael McDonald song “This Is It” from 1979.  Great song, great choice.  Kirk’s new CD “The Fight of My Life” comes out December 18.  That would make a nice Christmas stocking stuffer for me.  Hint, hint. 


 Sports world done gone nuts!

·  Oh Ohhhhhhhh….looks like Derek Jeter is in tax trouble with the Feds.  And you know how they can get about your money.  But his mama say her son is no cheat!  So, now, take that you mean and nasty Feds! 

·  Barry Bonds indicted on lying to Feds – you know that whole steroid thing.  He could face a lot of time in jail.  I’m not for that.  I’m not a person who lies and I don’t condone it – mostly.  I have a very hard time understanding the law that puts people in prison for telling a lie to the government when the government lie to us citizens on a daily basis.  And they don’t go to prison for it!  I seriously don’t get that.  There are other ways Barry could be punished besides prison. But you know what – I was suspicious of his “beefiness” – too puffed up.  Cheater!   

·  Looks like Isiah Thomas and Stephon Marbury don’t like each other very much.  Two successful, wealthy and talented Black men acting like children.  But then again after being demoted to more of a “back up” role I don’t think I’d be feeling Isiah either.   I wonder how long Marbury is going to be with the Knicks.  Tic, tic, tic…..

   What do you Knicks fans think of that whole thing?  I’d love to hear your comments.

·  Did you know that Washington Redskins Sean Taylor was shot in his leg on November 26 in his home?  The young football star died early the next day.  What a shame! The bullet severed the femoral artery and he lost too much blood.  Apparently, someone broke into his home for the second time. It’s been reported that he was trying to protect his girlfriend and child.  I hate this so very much.  Another young, and talented, black man killed – another mother crying, another child without a father.


I’m still feeling saddened and quite pissed off about Donda West’s premature death and I didn’t even know the woman.  Just imagine what Kanye and the rest of her family are feeling.  This is f***** up big time.  The only good thing that has come out of this tragedy is that now more people are investigating and looking into the dangers of cosmetic surgery. 


I end my journal this week with a warning to my fellow females who frequent NYC clubs.  Ladies, be careful when going to clubs like The Box, Mars 2112 or any club for that matter.  Over the last year or so a few women have been murdered when leaving clubs ALONE.  Don’t leave alone!  If you came with someone, you should be going home with someone.  Be smart.  All of you women who get drunk and then walk out of a club alone are IDIOTS!  This is New York City which can be a very dangerous place.  Take care.

Even though I sound a bit harsh sometimes know that I do love you.


Until next time…kiss, kiss! 


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  1. November 30, 2007 3:46 pm

    Good for you, JoJo!! What I’m wondering is when – if ever – Isiah T will be tossed from the Knicks. All ‘tude and no talent.

    November 27, 2009 7:55 pm

    i love earing her voice


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