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JoJo’s Journal – Chad Butler, Ike Turner, Bow Wow and More

December 10, 2007




Hey folks.  Just stopping by for a minute to give my take on what’s going on in the entertainment world and beyond.  And remember, it’s MY take.  Everybody has an opinion.


 I don’t know much about the rap duo UGK, but rapper Chad “Pimp C” Butler was found dead in a West Hollywood hotel room on December 4.  The brother was 33 years old.  The PoPo (for those of you who don’t know that’s the police) said he apparently died of “natural causes” and it appears to be no “foul play”.  Um, I’m no doctor but a person dying of “natural causes” at the age of 33 sounds fishy to me.  I know, I know – anything can happen.


Sad to say that Ike Turner passed away on December 12.  For anyone who don’t know who that is, he is the guy who used to give the legendary Tina Turner a beat-down every now and then.  Unfortunately, that claim overshadowed what he truly was – a great artist, a great musician, an innovator and a strong black man who survived a lot of hard times to make it to the top of the music world.  He put Tina on the map with The Ike and Tina Turner Review.  He certainly was a rock and roll pioneer.  Rest in peace Mr. Turner, you had a good and long run. 


Oh no!  Bow Wow recently got sick while on the Chris Brown tour and was rushed to the hospital.  At first it was thought that his illness was due to stress and exhaustion but it turns out to be an infection to his appendix.  He should be able to rejoin the tour real soon.  Isn’t he growing into a handsome young man?  I wish him a speedy recovery.


Who doesn’t love Queen Latifah?  She is beautiful, talented, rich and a great role model for all women to follow.  As a full-figured black woman she has helped to change what “beauty” means and I love her for that!  The question of her sexuality has been out there for years. now claims that Queen and her “longtime girlfriend” Jeanette is officially engaged.  What?!  And that they are about the make the announcement to the world after Queen finishes promoting her new movie The Perfect Holiday.  Well, whatever.  I am surprised that with her superstar status she has managed to keep her personal life out of the gossip pages.  I could care less about her sex life.  I will love her no matter what.  So there! 


Go to and check out the photo of Amy Winehouse with what appears to be white powder visible in her nostrils.  My prayer is that it’s dried up boogers or something.  Sadly, she seems to get more pathetic each day.  It’s great and appropriate that she has been nominated for six Grammys.  Amy is such a great singer who brings a unique sound to today’s music industry.  I hope she wins all of them!  I wonder if she will attend the awards and if she’s going to be high.  This should be interesting. 

It is absolutely heartrending what Amy continues to go through in her personal life.  She is one of my favorite subjects to write about because I love her talent so very much and am concerned that she won’t live long.  Amy’s mother, Janice Winehouse, wrote an open letter to her daughter that was published by the News of the World.  In the letter Janice says “……We want to help you, but we know that unless you want to be helped — unless you come to us — anything we tried would be in vain.  Early fame has overwhelmed you, it’s dizzied you and muddled your mind. For a moment, forget you’re a superstar. You’re also young and vulnerable, no stronger than any of the rest of us. You think you’re strong enough to get through this on your own, darling, but you’re not.  Now that is a mother whose heart is broken and is very concerned over her child.  Amy should listen to her mom. 


Kanye West has been nominated for eight Grammys.  Count em’ – EIGHT!  Good for you Kanye!  Wooo wooo!!!  Bad times and good times – can’t have one without the other.


I am a BIG fan of Ronald Isley and all of the Isley Brothers.  Their music is timeless!  When I think about a musical legend one of the people I put in that category is Ronald Isley.  When I heard that the Feds were coming after him for tax evasion I was concerned for him because they don’t blink an eye about locking someone up even if you are a superstar.  After all was said and done Ronald was sentenced to three years and one day for tax evasion.  The good news is his young wife Kandy gave an interview to Sister 2 Sister magazine and says he is doing well in prison and is awaiting word on his appeal.  There had been prior reports that he has kidney cancer; thank God Kandy says that is not true.  And he is respected and being treated well by the other inmates; they look up to him.  I am so glad to hear that.  In the meantime, we can all enjoy the new Christmas CD “I’ll Be Home for Christmas – the Isley Brothers Featuring Ronald Isley”. Stay strong Ronald – you will be home soon!


This right here just kills me!  Why do people still care about Karrine “Superhead” Steffans?  There is an interview with her in the latest issue of my favorite magazine Sister 2 Sister.  Wow!  I didn’t know having good p**** and giving good h**d could be so lucrative!  How long will her 15 minutes of fame last?  Not hating – just wondering. 


It’s official!  Oprah Winfrey is out stumping for presidential hopeful Barak Obama.  I don’t know if she will make a difference but it definitely gets my attention.  I think her endorsement is a good look for Barak.  Even though this is an entertainment column I mention this because I think it’s time for all of us to focus on the presidential race which comes up in 2008.  EVERYONE OF AGE MUST VOTE!  NO EXCUSES!  TIME TO MAKE A CHANGE!


 Until next time….hugs and kisses  

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  1. December 10, 2007 9:14 pm

    What is wrong with Amy Winehouse? She looks like the poster child for why a person “should NOT” do drugs. I hate to see a person waste their life away. Her family needs to do an intervention.

  2. December 17, 2007 4:38 pm

    I just Love your take on things. Please keep it up!!

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