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JoJo’s Journal – Sister 2 Sister, AI Alums, Britney

January 16, 2008


Hey folks.  Just stopping by for a minute to give my take on what’s going on in the entertainment world and beyond.  And remember, it’s MY take.  Everybody has an opinion. 


Sad to say that actor Heath Ledger died on January 22 in  New York City.  Most may remember Heath from the acclaimed movie Brokeback Moutain.  He was nominated for an Oscar for that role.  According to the NYPD, sleeping pills were  found near his bed.  Did he OD – acidentally or otherwise, I wonder?  This is tragic to say the least.  What a shame he was only 28 years old with a 2 year old daughter.


I’m a big fan of Sister 2 Sister magazine.  On the cover of the latest issue dated February 2008 is Trina – you know the “baddest chick”.  I remember when she first came on the scene she looked a hot mess.  Those days are long behind her because she sure looks great now! Also, in the same issue is Chingy.  I didn’t know he was so damn fine!  Whew!  Check out his photo!  And, did you know that Fat Man Scoop and his wife Shanda has a show called “Man and Wife” that airs online and has 4 million viewers?  And get this – the show takes place in their bed!  Now it’s been picked up by MTV.  Genius!  All that know me know I want a talk show.  If they can have a show that takes place from a damn bed, can’t I get a little sumpin’ sumpin’ too?  LOL!!  Go out and buy Sister 2 Sister magazine – it’s a good read with great photos.


Oh ohhhhhh….is this the beginning of bad luck for American Idol winners?  First Ruben Studdard dropped from J Records.  Now Taylor Hicks has been dropped from J Rocords and Katherine McPhee has been dropped from RCA Records!  You know Taylor’s the dude with the salt and pepper hair – at the time he was 28 years old looking like he was 40 plus.  And Katherine is the gorgeous one with the lovely voice.  They simply did not sell enough records for J Records, which is not surprising because the music biz has been in a slump for some time.  People just don’t buy CD’s the way they used to because of the availability to get it from the Internet and other sources for free.  Oh well…the new American Idol season has started so bring in the clowns!  LOL!! 


I am so tired of Britney Spears and the circus that surrounds her.  Girlfriend should have attended an important hearing on January 14 concerning visitation with her two babies but once again she was a no show. This comes on the heels of her very public trip to the psych ward via ambulance.  As a loving mother who adores her kids, I would have done anything and everything to assure I would have my babies.  I guess Britney doesn’t feel that way.  Now she has lost full-custody of her children with no visitation at this time.  Although I heard legally she didn’t have to show up, if it were me I would have fought for my babies tooth and nail.  She keeps mocking the court.  I don’t know what the hell is going on in Ms. Spears’ mind.  As soon as Kevin “the leech” gets the money he wants from Britney, those cute little boys will be with the nanny full time.  What a shame.


The Amy Winehouse saga continues.  The Grammys want her to perform on the show, if there is one, but she can’t get a Visa to come into the U.S. because of all her troubles with drugs, etc.  Damn shame because Amy is so very talented – I would love to see her perform.  And have you seen her new blond hair?  Interesting. 


Here’s something quite annoying.  Eddie Murphy and Tracey Edmonds only had a “symbolic” union in Bora Bora.  So they were never really married.  Now they have split.  Like I said, annoying.  But Tracy’s new boob job is nice; they look……um…..plump. 


Did you read the recent report that Mary J. Blige, 50 Cent, Wyclef Jean, Timberland and Tyler Perry allegedly are involved in some steroid controversy with a doctor who supposedly prescribed prescriptions for them?  Uh, wait, if true, please know that taking steroids is NOT illegal as long as you have a prescription.  So freaking what!  Steroids are used for many ailments!  The people mentioned are not athletes!  They can take whatever the hell they want to take!  Citing “unidentified sources,” Albany, New York’s The Times Union newspaper alleged that the above-mentioned black stars “may have received or used performance-enhancing drugs.”  Notice the writer of the article used the words “may have”.  Well, if you don’t know this for sure why print it!  And don’t overlook where the article was printed.  It has to do with race.  I don’t care whether you agree with me or not.  Remember, it’s my opinion in this here journal!  Ya hear me!


You all know R&B singer Will Downing – that debonair Black man with the beautiful voice.  He’s been on the scene since the 80’s.  Well, I didn’t know until recently that he has been ill since 2006!  He has a disease called Polymyositis.  It’s an inflammation of the muscle fibers, and it weakened him to the point where he was confined to a wheelchair.  That breaks my heart.  The good news is he is in a positive frame of mind and sees improvement daily.  He’s not sure when he will sing again but you better believe Will Downing shall be in my prayers from this moment on.  Ya’ll pray for him too.  That is if you believe in God and the power of prayer.  The rest of you heathens stay quiet!


I wonder if the writer’s strike will affect the Grammy ceremony?!  If the show doesn’t go on, this will be the first time, in my memory, that the Grammy’s will be cancelled.  That would be a shame for the artists who are nominated this year – especially those that have never had the opportunity before to attend.  Come on producers make a deal with the writers! 


I don’t usually have much pity for O.J. Simpson but I must admit I feel sorry for the guy.  This case against him for trying to steal his own football paraphernalia is just pathetic.  He was recently re-arrested for trying to contact a co-defendant in the case.  He seems so freaking stupid!  First of all, he knows he has been under the microscope ever since his ex-wife was murdered back in 1995.  Why the hell would he try to do ANYTHING illegal is far beyond my understanding.  What a jerk!  Now the judge has DOUBLED his bail to $250,000!  What irony to be facing at least 20 years in the slammer for trying to get back your own stuff! 


Something to watch

Remember the great award winning Broadway play A Raisin in the Sun?  Well, the remake of this wonderful play is coming to television!  It airs February 25, 2008 at 8:00 p.m. on ABC and stars Sean Combs, Sanaa Lathan, Phylicia Rashad and John Stamos.  In case you don’t know Black history – this play was written by the late Lorraine Hansberry and debuted on Broadway in 1959. A Raisin in the Sun was the first play written by a black woman to be produced on Broadway, as well as the first play with a black director (Lloyd Richards) on Broadway.  Isn’t that grand?  Let’s support this wonderful historical production of the lives of a black family in Chicago in the 1950’s.  It is truly a work of art. 

See how I try and educate ya’ll on culture?  Can’t say I never gave ya nothing.  Was that English? 


 Artist of the Month 


Christine, an attorney who I work with, has very different and interesting taste in music.  Although my musical taste is vast, she is certainly broadening my musical knowledge even further.  Today she introduced me to a beautiful, black woman by the name of Betty Davis who was a gifted funk-soul singer/songwriter/producer and model.  Whew!  She sure wore a lot of hats!  In her time, the 1970’s, black female solo artist were rare.  But there was Betty with her BIG afro and sexy look funking with the best of them.  She was once married to the late jazz great Miles Davis for a year and hung out with people like Jimi Hendrix.  Even some of today’s artists have sampled her music, such as of Ice Cube and Talib Kweli.  Betty wrote all of her own songs and produced her own albums (except for the first one).  Her raspy voice reminds me of Tina Turner mixed with a bit of Janis Joplin, but Betty hated to be compared to anyone else.  I recently read an article on Ms. Davis and the writer said “Madonna has nothing on Betty Davis!”  Betty Davis was truly a gifted artist who helped to open doors for Madonna, Joi, Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill, and Macy Gray.  

Now go and do some research and buy music of real artists!  Learn something damn it! 


Live Life Ya’ll!


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  1. Shelia permalink*
    January 17, 2008 10:09 am

    I am so tired of hearing about Britney Spears…I think she does all of those crazy things so she can stay in the spotlight. If the media stops talking about her….just maybe she’ll get her act together.

  2. Shelia permalink*
    January 17, 2008 10:10 am

    OJ is arrogant however I don’t think he should be going to jail. It was a setup and they are doing whatever they can to put him in jail because he was acquitted years ago.

  3. Rosa Ann Bryant permalink
    January 18, 2008 2:49 pm

    JoJo, you’ve done it again. On every issue that needs or has gotten, or maybe hasn’t gotten our attention–but should. I wonder where Brittney’s family are? I can’t imagine why she’s behaving so badly, but my instincts tell me, sexual abuse and humiliation in childhood–nothing else makes sense. She’s acting out so publicly–she’d be a prime candidate for regression therapy, so we can see where a mickey mousketeer is behaving like a child on crack–rather than a young mother who happens to be a performer–and as for KFed–he should have a road to Damascus experience with his God, if he doesn’t really care for those children. But what’s caring? All this generation are egotists, narcisssists–I see myself in this–oops! Irony, pun, or Freudian slip? LOL …And yes, I love RAisin in The Sun, I even thought of what a remake would look like today, not two months ago–I have chills girl…I’m glad it’s on tv, but I hope they play it dramatic, the play and like the original with Sidney Pointier and Ruby Dee and that whole cast, Mama was my ideal of a good black mother, all my life. I still feel her pain and sorrow and chagrin and anger, at everything conspiring to make her black male child blind to the pattern of failure, the potential failure of every black person, mother, sister, brother, sons and daughters, absent fathers– he represents a little of us in all black males. I will end with this–I think you were born for this gig, JO—love it, Rosa

  4. Vivian permalink
    February 1, 2008 11:21 am

    I really enjoyed JoJo’s Journal. Very informative and very entertaining. JoJo i especially like the Artist of the Month section and Something to Watch. I plan on checking those out. Thanks for the education.


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