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2008 Grammy Awards Recap

February 10, 2008

The Grammy Awards 50th show opened up with a clip from Frank Sinatra. Alicia Keys wearing a stunning green dress sang a duet with Sinatra thanks to modern technology.

Carrie Underwood seemed more confident during her live performance.  

The first award was given out by one of my all time favorite artists Prince. I was jealous as he hugged and congratulated Alicia Keys for winning the Best Female R & B Vocal performance for No One.

You can say that it was a night for duets.

The original members of The Time performed Jungle Love. Morris Day still looks good y’all. Rihanna came out rocking a cute short hair style  during the performance singing Umbrella and my other favorite cut from her last CD Please Don’t Stop the Music.

Tom Hanks announced some of the recipients of the Lifetime Achievement Awards —The Band and The Beatles.

Cindy Lauper and Miley Cyrus gave out an award for Best New Artist. Amy Winehouse won but wasn’t in the building. I had hoped that Ledisi would get it because I really love her CD.

Kanye West almost had me crying during his performance when he sang the song he dedicated to his mama.

Fergie sang while John Legend played the piano before handing out an award. 

Cher introduced Beyonce and Tina Turner for their showstopping performance.  Tina started out with What’s Love Got to Do With It and Beyonce joined her on stage for Proud Mary.  All I can say is Beyonce had to keep up with Ms. Tina, because Tina did her thing.  This was one of my favorite performances of the night.

Song of the Year was Amy Winehouse’s Rehab (ironic…okay, I’ll keep my comments to myself).

The Foo Fighters performed.

I love George Lopez and his sense of humor.

Best Rap Album of the Year…Kanye West…I’m so glad he won and although they turned the music on him as he gave his acceptance speech, he deserved that Grammy moment.

Aretha Franklin was made to sing gospel.  BeBe Winans joined her on stage.  I just love The Clark Sisters and they sang one of my favorite songs…”You brought the sunshine…”

Stevie Wonder introduced Alicia Keys as she performed for the second time that night singing her hit single No One.

The Best Country Album award went to Vince Gill for These Days.

I can listen to Herbie Hancock all day and night.

Solange looked like she wanted to hit Rihanna when she hugged Jay Z on her way up to accept her first Grammy Award.

I have to admit Amy Winehouse’s performance was better than I thought it would be. Surprised she song Rehab, but anyway; she also won The Record of the Year award. I’m trying hard not to pick on Amy Winehouse.

There’s no party without Little Richard ~ the original king of Rock n Roll.

To find out about the other award winners and performances, be sure to visit

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