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JoJo Attends Janet’s CD Listening Party & New Album Release

February 25, 2008

 Ya’ll must forgive me for the lateness of my review of Ms. Jackson’s CD listening party.  I have had a couple of negative distractions in my personal life which took me off track.  But I am back!  Devil cannot keep me down!   



I attended the Janet Jackson CD listening party in New York and just had to bring espot readers the scoop.  Being a huge Janet Jackson fan I was delighted to attend her CD party.  I did not have to be asked twice!  Although we were told the event would start at 6 promptly and that we should be on time, we stood on line for 45 minutes waiting to get in!  It’s winter in New York so it was quite chilly; that was extremely annoying.  While waiting on line LA Reid comes out of the venue, walks past me and I greeted him warmly; he basically gave me the cold shoulder.  Well okay Mr. Reid!  When we were finally allowed inside, gorgeous women dressed in black dominatrix outfits greeted us with these large square black envelops that had a wax seal – very secretive looking.  Most of us thought the damn CD was inside – not!  Inside was a “program” that listed all the songs on Janet’s new CD.  Why the hell do I want a list of the songs on the CD without having the CD?!  Anyhoo, at the entrance into the “party” room was a long table with milkshakes that were simply delicious!  I tasted a bit of alcohol in the mix.  Everybody was downing those milkshakes like they were the best thing since white bread!  Wait!  That was a bad reference because I hate white bread!  Well, you get the point.  The DJ was hot!  As usual at a lot of music industry events, no one was dancing – except for me and me.  LOL!!  The walls were covered with beautiful “Andy Warhol” like pictures of Janet.  Have mercy – she is still gorgeous. 


Waiters were walking around serving finger foods that were yummy.  I mean everything was tasty.  After about an hour of mingling and eating, the DJ announced it was time to enter the theatre.  Theatre – what theatre?  Who knew?  Inside the theatre was a big screen with an orange background and the words “Janet Discipline” written in black.  “Discipline” is the name of her new CD.  After everyone was seated, LA Reid came on stage to loud applause which he acknowledged and said it made him feel good.  Whatever snob.  J   Janet Jackson and LA ReidHe introduced Janet’s new CD as still black and white photos were shown on the screen.  The music began and I started bouncing to the beat.  Most of the CD is dance music; I believe I only heard one ballad.  I liked it very much.   After the music ended LA came back on stage with Janet in hand.  She wore a long ponytail, a black outfit that gave a slight nod to the dominatrix look and she was sweet as always.  This guy named Joe Levi from VH1 acted as an interviewer and was on stage with Janet asking her questions, which she responded to quite warmly. 


After the CD presentation was over we all went back into the party room for dessert.  Talk about sweets!  Trays and trays of delicious miniature desserts – a flowing fountain of white chocolate and a fountain of dark chocolate that I should have not gone near!  Yummy! 


And peeps, I just knew I was going to get a photo taken with me and Janet to put on espot, but no such luck.  Janet did not mingle with the crowd at all!  I mean nothing, nada!  That was a big disappointment. 


Well, my new career as an entertainment writer and journalist continues.  Even without a photo of me and Janet – Ms. Jackson if you’re nasty!  J


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