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March 9, 2008


Gives Parents and Students the Biggest Bang for Their College Buck is the premiere destination for students and their parents to get the college loan information they need quickly, simply, and effectively. The site takes a different approach than traditional student loan destinations, by matching borrowers with lenders that meet their specific needs. Participating financiers are required to bid for the business of applicants, ensuring that parents and students alike get the best loan at the most competitive rate.

Borrowers can come to and apply for federal or private student loans. Once the information is submitted, the patented filtering process will deliver up to six viable lenders with requested pricing options. The user then selects which banks they prefer, and the chosen lenders will begin the bidding process. also provides an enormous amount of information on student loans, giving families the opportunity to do comparable research. Site creators developed advanced tools to make the most thorough and user-friendly source of student loan information online. The site offers a full glossary of terms, frequently asked questions, financial aid calendars, and extensive information on specific colleges to help borrowers navigate through the process.’s simple design and wealth of information has been created with the parents and students in mind – helping them to make informed decisions when borrowing money for education.

For more information on please visit For media inquiries please contact My-lan Beauford

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