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Janet Jackson Discipline

March 9, 2008
B00112ARJ0 Discipline
Buy New: $11.99

Janet Jackson’s new CD Discipline is filled with some club rocking tunes. Whether you’re at the club or listening to it on your mp3 player, Discipline keeps you moving.

Don’t expect a lot of slow jams on Discipline. It’s R & B and pop mixed with some futuristic techno music. I like Discipline a whole lot better than her last few CDs. Overall, I rate this CD a 4 out of 5. I didn’t give it a 5 because the music sometimes overpowered her voice.  I don’t think the videos do the songs justice. I would like to see more storyteling in her videos for her next video.

Ms. Jackson has made a comeback with Discipline.  Fans and critics alike should enjoy it.

Discipline feels like you’re taking a musical journey with Janet Jackson as the captain. ~ Shelia M Goss, entertainment writer and author of Double Platinum, Paige’s Web and My Invisible Husband

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