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The Raveonettes

March 9, 2008

The Raveonettes Discuss New Album in Online Video Series
Send Video, Picture Updates To Fans From The Road

What the press is saying about Lust Lust Lust:

“…the pair makes smart, beguiling combinations Wagner’s open homages to Buddy Holly, the Chiffons and Suicide; the death-march strum and chantlike singing in ‘Expelled from Love”; the way Foo’s harmony hangs, clean and poised, over the white-noise riot of “Blus”; the fast, urgent contradiction of the singing, keyboards and fist-fuls of guitar snarl in ‘Dead Sound,’ which is anything but. You always get beauty and the beastly, in equal measure – but never the same way twice.” – ROLLING STONE, 4 STARS

“returns to the muddy, sordid sound the Raveonettes do best.” – Pitchfork

“a dirty-sweet testament to rock’n’roll’s enduring ability to reflect desire in all its forms.” – SPIN

“[Lust Lust Lust] is this place between sharp and smooth where the Raveonettes set up shop, and bring the best of themselves and their influences.” – URB

“…they haven’t lost their touch for crafting the kinds of songs that invite you into a black-glittered parrallel universe.” – FILTER

“A masterpiece from start to finish.” – SOMA

For More Information:

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