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JoJo’s Journal – JLo, Bow Wow, Snoop Dog and More

March 24, 2008

picture-015.jpgHey folks.  Just stopping by for a minute to give my take on what’s going on in the entertainment world and beyond.  And remember, it’s MY take.  Everybody has an opinion.


Everyone should know by now that hot mama Jennifer Lopez gave birth to twins on February 22 in New York.  The gorgeous Latina and her hubby Marc Anthony had a boy and a girl named Max and Emme.  Now, we should all bow our heads and pray that both babies will grow up to look like their beautiful mother.  I’m a fan of Marc’s but he looks like a vampire.  We would NOT want those kids to look like that.  J 


Bow Wow turned 21 on March 9.  Can you believe it!  He is so cute.  Young blood had a birthday party in Vegas on the weekend of March 15.  I saw a photo of him drinking straight out of a liquor bottle – it looked like my favorite drink Patron. J Why do some people think that when you turn 21 the most important thing is to get drunk?  Awwww…. to be young and stupid!   


Did ya’ll see Snoop Dogg when he was on The View on March 14?  He was fantastic!  I have always liked Snoop but now I love him!  He was well-spoken, well-dressed, friendly, and funny.  He certainly has matured! He said that he no longer drinks and only uses “medical marijuana”.  I told you he was funny!  He also performed a song from his new CD “Ego Trippin” and sounded great.  I’m buying his CD.


On March 15 Britney Spears hooked-up with Mel Gibson at the Romanov restaurant in Studio City.  I like Mel Gibson and he’s been in Hollywood a long time.  Perhaps he can be a guide to her on how to deal with the madness of stardom.  Oh don’t you dare mention the drunken tirade that got him in hot water last year!  LOL!!  It’s just so awful that Britney looks sad all of the time.  Cheer up mate!  You’re still young, cute, wealthy and the mother of two baby boys.  Those kids need your silly ass to shape up!


I like this one.  Cher was recently followed by some paparazzi and was asked if she had any advice for Britney Spears.  The superstar said “yeah, she should get a bomb and blow you guys up.”  Sage advice my dear.  It looks like everyone is sick and tired of these nuts bothering Ms. Spears, especially me.


I used to love the Swedish pop group ABBA.  Remember them?  They had hits with songs like “Dancing Queen” and “Take A Chance On Me”.  Anyhow, their former drummer, Ola Brunkert, 62, was found dead on March 17 in the garden of his home in Spain.  Apparently, he hit his head against a glass door in his dining room, shattering the glass and cutting himself in the neck numerous times. He managed to wrap a towel around his neck and left the house to seek help, but collapsed in his garden where he was found dead.  Yuck!  Not a good way to die.  Too bad.  ABBA sold over 370 million records and even though they have not performed together since 1982, they still continue to sell 3 million records a year.  That’s called timeless talent.      


Of course the Eliot Spitzer call girl story is still going strong.  The only aspect of that fiasco I find interesting is the 22 year old call girl, Ashley Alexandra Dupre.  Joe Francis, the sleezy dude behind the “Girls Gone Wild” videos, has footage of Ashley at one of his parties in 2003 where she engaged in some topless dancing and girl-on-girl groping.  Joe was about the sell the footage to the public when Ashley’s lawyer sent him an email saying she was 17 when the footage was taken.  Joe can’t make a dime off of that video until he determines whether Ashley was 17 or 18 when it was shot.  Stay tuned.



I can’t help but take this opportunity to talk about a criminal case in New York that really tore at my soul.  I refer to the case of John White.  Mr. White is a hard-working, middle-aged African-American man from Long Island who had never been in trouble with the law.  One night in 2006 a group of drunk, ignorant, white, racist teenagers came to Mr. White’s home threatening to kill his teenage son because they heard a “rumor” that the son was planning to rape a white woman. The rumor turned out to be just that, a rumor, a lie. 

That sounds so 1950’s Mississippi! 

Anyhow, an ugly confrontation ensued, Mr. White got his gun and the teenager was killed.  Mr. White claims the gun went off accidentally.  The jury didn’t believe him and Mr. White was convicted of manslaughter.  The judge sentenced him to 2 to 4 years behind bars.  Of course, the dead teen’s parents are outraged; they feel the sentence was far too lenient.

I must admit, if it were my child I would probably feel the same way.   

After the verdict was read the father of the dead teen held a press conference in which he threatened to shoot and kill Mr. White’s son.   Straight up threatened the teen in front of millions of witnesses – it was broadcast on the evening news.

The prosecutor in the case said that on the night of the incident Mr. White should have simply gone back into his home and called the police.  That sounds good but when you are in a heated confrontation with a bunch of drunken racists, standing on your property, shouting nigger this and nigger that, threatening to kill your child, etc.  Who the hell wants to call the police?  Somebody needs their ass kicked!  I don’t condone killing anyone, I hate violence, but the teenage thug meant to do harm and instead it backfired on him.  As far as I’m concerned, Mr. White should get NO prison time for defending his son and property from a wild, racist mob.   

What would you do?  What is your opinion?    





All of you true lovers of Latin music are going to love my latest pick for artist of the month!  I introduce to you one of the most influential Cuban singers of the 20th century, the delightful Celia Cruz.  Born Úrsula Hilaria Celia Caridad Cruz Alfonso in the Santos Suárez neighborhood of Havana, Cuba, on October 21, 1925, Celia Cruz began singing as a teen for radio stations and participated in talent contests.  Some of her early recordings were done in Venezuela back in 1948. 

Celia’s first major breakthrough came in 1950 when she was hired to sing lead for a popular Cuban orchestra called Sonora Matancera.  Celia worked with Sonora Matancera for 15 years and become famous throughout Cuba.   Along the way she began using her famous trademark shout – “¡Azúcar!” which means “Sugar!” in Spanish. Don’t you just love it?!  In the 1960’s Celia hooked-up with another great Latin singer, Tito Puente, and created 8 albums.  In the 1970’s Celia collaborated on a successful album with Johnny Pacheco, which lead to her turn in an ensemble of salsa musicians called the Fania All Stars.  With Fania, Celia had the opportunity of visiting England, France, Zaire, and to return to tour Latin America.  

Throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s Celia continued to record, perform sell-out concerts around the world and win a Grammy award along the way.  Then in 1992 she had her turn in the movies when she starred alongside Armand Assante and Antonio Banderas in the film “The Mambo Kings”.  Her star continued to shine when in 1994 President Bill Clinton awarded Celia the National Medal of Arts – a great accomplishment for any artist.      

For a few years Celia had knee problems and in early 2003 had surgery to correct those problems.  Unfortunately, in July 2003, Celia Cruz, the Queen of Salsa, died of a cancerous brain tumor at her home in New Jersey.  She was survived by her husband Peter Knight and they had no children.  Hundreds of thousands of fans paid their respects in Miami and New York.  The Queen of Salsa is buried at the Woodlawn Cemetery in the Bronx, New York.  





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  1. Shelia permalink*
    March 25, 2008 7:45 am

    Yes, I loved Snoop on The View…he handled himself well. I was impressed with his responses.

  2. Sandra permalink
    March 25, 2008 3:13 pm

    You know I love reading your articles but I have to give it to you for referring to Celia Cruz as the artist of the month. I am Latina and I didn’t know some of the stuff you wrote. I’m going to share this with my family. I’m sure they will love reading it as much as I did.

    Love ya and keep being you.

  3. March 25, 2008 5:42 pm

    I really feel very bad for Mr. White. I would have protected my child the same way! I’m so tired of people acting out racial situations and the Black person gets the short end of the stick.

    Stand Up Black People!! We have heard 40 and 50 shots let’s not hear 60!


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