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7 Random Thoughts with Author Sylvia Lett

April 20, 2008

 Like Never Before by Sylvia Lett 

Synopsis: Danielle is leading an uneventful life, until Greg, moves back to Dallas. He makes her remember what its like to feel passion. Suddenly her well-ordered world is spinning out of control. She is torn between running from Greg and running to him. Greg wants forever, but Danielle isn’t ready or willing to test the waters of a relationship with him again. What she offers is something totally unexpected. She wants a no-frills, no-commitment, no-strings liaison. Just when Danielle decides to give their relationship another chance, secrets, lies, and past mistakes tear them apart.

7 Random Thoughts with Author Sylvia Lett 


What’s one thing (besides writing) that you enjoy doing? Spending quality time with my children. 

What’s your favorite quote? It takes a village to raise a child. 

What television show best describes your life and why? There isn’t one. 

What is your most valued possession? My faith, my children, my bible 

What would your best friend say about you? I’m loyal and honest. 

What does love mean to you? The two greatest gifts of God are life and love. They are both to be cherished and respected. 

What is your favorite outfit to wear and why? Cotton Capri’s and a soft cotton shirt. I like to be comfortable.

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