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Danielia Cotton Isn’t Rock OR Soul

April 28, 2008


The first drum-and-guitar combo of Danielia Cotton’s “Testify” more than hints at the driving rock song to come. And when she sings, in a strong, thrilling voice, “I’m going back to the river/Where I was first baptized,” you can hear and feel the urging of rockers such as Janis Joplin who influenced the music.

Delving a little further into the album, there is “Running.” You find Danielia, unadorned, with the strumming of a single guitar followed by the clear, soulful voice of a woman who grew up with a gospel background – perhaps the influence for heading back to that baptismal river.

This is Danielia Cotton’s Rock & Soul. One does not exist without the other.

Throughout the album ‘Rare Child’ (May 20, Adrenaline Records/ADA), you will hear both influences. Perhaps one is more noticeable in one song than in another. Perhaps they exist in equal measure. But neither is ever displaced: rock and soul blend together for Danielia in a way that is unspoiled by conventional labels. Her vocals feel effortless as they range from the raspy exclamations of “Testify” to the velvety lamentations of “Running.”

As Danielia continues to share her musical offerings, listeners and critics find themselves drawn to a sound that speaks to emotion above all else. Whether experiencing her live on stage or listening to the album, it’s not just what you hear, it’s what you feel.

And that is Danielia Cotton’s Rock & Soul.

Hear Danielia “Testify”

Hear Danielia “Running”

Get “Testify” now on iTunes.

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