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Former Blackstreet member Chauncey Black signs to Flipmode

May 5, 2008

Chauncey Black
Flipmode/Geffen/Interscope Records
Church Boy in-stores TBD

Chauncey Black – Everyday is Your Birthday
Multi-platinum Grammy – winning singer Chauncey Black has seen the highest heights of success in the music business. As one of the founding members and lead singer of the supergroup, Blackstreet, he scored a string of radio and pop hits like, “Before I Let You Go” and “Don’t Leave Me.” Their breakthrough success was largely due to the Dr. Dre – assisted “No Diggity” hit which reached #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in November 1996, and won a Grammy Award for Best R&B Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals.

“Blackstreet was a successful group,” Black reminisces. “We sold eight million records. We were one of the last urban groups to really sell records like that.”

Welcomed back as a familiar face with a familiar riff, Chauncey Black is ready to soothe your soul, blast your bass and indulge your imagination with tracks that take you from the crib to the club, from the streets to the sheets and from the first night to your wedding night. The stylish and debonair Chauncey Black is back on the block and determined to make you not only remember him but ensure that you never forget him. On his solo debut album, appropriately titled Church Boy, his silky voice is like a rich dose of a retro flavored R&B. “The album is straight to the point without being raunchy or disrespectful,” he says. “It lives a life. It grows into maturity, from hanging with your crew, to celebrating love. It’s soulful and hard, soulful street music.”

Now signed to Busta Rhymes’ Flipmode Records, Black believes his future is limitless. “I wanted to get with a team that could give me that hip-hop feel but also a team that would give me creative control. Busta let me do my whole record. He saw the history with Blackstreet and trusted me.” Recalling his first encounter with Busta in Virginia Beach at Teddy’s studio, he remembers thinking, “This cat goes hard! I need to be in this camp.” Chauncey seized the opportunity to show Busta that he was just as serious about his solo endeavor and that he could bring something different to the Flipmode family. Next thing you know, Chauncey’s Flipmode for life, with a tattoo to prove it.

“Every Day Is Your Birthday,” is the Teddy Riley produced, first single that reunited the music with the voice, to consummate a feel good song that caters to everyone. Black describes it as “aggressive R&B” music. It’s for everyone. I feel as though a man or woman can play this song for their spouse, relative or anyone that they want to celebrate. You should show that person how you feel about them every day. A birthday is just a one day celebration but what if your lover treated you as though your birthday was everyday?”

Stemming from Paterson, New Jersey, Black admits that although he appreciates the world-wide love and influence he’s received, he attributes his diverse vocal range and passion to his church roots. “Attending church every Sunday, being on every choir was mandatory in my house”, Black shares, “I was in the choir since the age of nine singing lead. My mom was a singer also so singing was everywhere around me.” Black took that gift from God and decided to really pursue a career. When the opportunity came to sing background for major singers, he took it.

No more background vocals for Black, with total control over lyrics and tracks on his solo project, Black took on more risky subject matters. “I got a record called “The Three of Us.” It’s a story about a husband and wife and his mistress. It’s a fantasy for some people but it may be reality to others. It’s very melodic.” He also gets down and dirty on “Devil’s Angel”, a track that details interracial relationships and the sins of the wild life.

Now again part of the Interscope Records family, Black reunited with Dr. Dre, got 16 bars from The Game and parlayed on a party record called “Roll Out.” The good doctor also produced “I’m Your Pusher,” a song about “a girl, a hotel room and what a few too many drinks can lead to.” Award-winning songwriter Ne-Yo wrote two songs called “I Get It” and “Someone Else,” while producer LT Hutton contributed the sexy track, “One Nite Stand.” Keeping it in the camp, Busta Rhymes catches wreck on the remix of “Every Day is Your Birthday.” Always thinking of his female fans, Black recorded “A Woman’s Intuition,” which he said pays homage to a woman’s sixth sense. “She is usually right about her suspicions. Nine times out of ten she knows exactly what is going on. I want to be the one who admits it.”

Readying for his album release and his upcoming tour with Keyshia Cole, Black is so thankful to be back in the game. “Church Boy is who I am and where I come from. It’s my solid foundation that keeps me standing. God has blessed me with a talent and has given me so much. Yes, I make mistakes, we all do, just believe in him and stay focused.”

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