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7 Random Thoughts with Author Michelle McGriff

May 11, 2008

Known to her family as the `best of storytellers’, Ms. McGriff spins intelligent, poignant, and touching yarns, with a poetic voice and writing that has become hers to keep, holding her readers captive from start to finish. She’s writes to entertain with her rule-breaking, cross-genre writing style that is attracts the enlightened reader. While working towards her PhD in Organizational Management (which she will use as a corporate trainer / cultural competency workshop facilitator) Ms. McGriff is also working on a guidebook that will help business writers communicate in the workplace, as well as new fiction writers who want to realize their dreams while avoiding some of the pitfalls common to newcomers to the industry.

She promises that soon she will pen her first literary piece that will inspire victims of lifetime abuse to escape.

Thus far I’ve read all of Michelle McGriff’s books. One of my favorites is Colored Summer.

Michelle McGriff is this week’s author spotlight.

7 Random Thoughts With Author Michelle McGriff

What’s one thing (besides writing) that you enjoy doing? I enjoy learning. I’m currently post grad student and although I’m sure that I’ll use my doctorate for secular advances, I’m just enjoying the journey and the new things I’m learning. I also enjoy playing the piano. I like rubber stamping, sewing and beading. One day, I think I’ll make a quilt too. I’ve been away from all of these wonderful hobbies for a moment but will be returning to them very soon. Life is just too short to not do the things we enjoy and I’m so glad you asked, as it caused me to take account of things I enjoy that I have neglected.

What’s your favorite quote? Why you carrying around all that baggage? Why not put it down and just enjoy the trip! What television show best describes your life and why?

What is your most valued possession? My family.

What would your best friend say about you? My bestest goodest friend in the whole wide would say that I’m adorable. And I think that is so cool!

What does love mean to you? Love means, being yourself by yourself and with others. Love means not having to dance like nobody is looking because you have a partner who dances just as bad as you do. Love means calling out from the bathroom… heeeeelp and that special person bust in with no questions ask to lend you a hand… no matter what. Love is Bean Dip. Love is a cozy bed. Love is going to sleep with a smile on your face and waking up the same way. Love is good. It’s forever. It’s tomorrow. It’s now…it’s later. Love understands that time changes on your face and in your life, yet stays the same in your heart.

What is your favorite outfit to wear and why? Ohhh my favorite outfit is Sweats because they are SO comfortable and you can do just about anything them… you can exercise, sleep, work, play, chill, travel and or just slid into them after a wonderful bath. They are the perfect all weather clothing.

What television show best describes your life and why?
Picket Fences: Because you have to sort of BE THERE to get it.

Be sure to pick up a copy of one of Michelle McGriff’s latest books like Deadly Tease, Colored Summer, Feels Like Falling, etc. Visit her website to learn more:


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