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Shannon Noll and Major League Baseball

May 11, 2008

Shannon Noll singing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”

Streaming audio for first single “Loud”

Steaming video for “Loud”

With the release of Shannon Noll’s third album, Turn It Up, the charismatic singer, who in a few short years has become one of Australia’s most successful, iconic and loved performers is set to turn it up in every way…at every level.

“It’s a great title for many reasons,” says Shannon. “But for me it means I’m turning up the heat on my career”. After two multi platinum selling albums, eleven consecutive top ten singles, 4 ARIA nominations, five ARIA #1 Chart Awards and three consecutive MTV VMAs for Best Male Artist, Shannon’s career is already red hot. But Shannon Noll is not an artist ever content to rest on his laurels, and the twelve outstanding tracks on Turn It Up, nine of which Shannon co wrote, are proof that Shannon has taken his career to a whole new level.

“I really had the chance to be involved from the beginning with this album. I’ve learned a lot and grown a lot and I was able to put all that experience in,” says Shannon.

Prior to recording the album, Shannon spent an intense 8 week writing session in Australia, Los Angeles, Nashville and New York working with some of the industry’s top songwriters. It was a prolific and productive time for Shannon and out of the 40 songs that emerged; twelve were selected for the album.

Recorded earlier this year in Los Angeles and produced by multi-platinum, Grammy nominated producer Luke Ebbin (renowned for his work with Bon Jovi), the two decided the best way to capture Shannon’s phenomenal performing and singing talents was to take a fresh approach in the studio.

“We wanted to make this album 100% live,” says Shannon. “We didn’t want any programming this time. I would be in the studio when all the instruments and additional vocals were done live, so it was a much more natural and organic experience in the studio.”

The result is Shannon’s most dynamic album ever. From the chart topping first hit, Loud, to anthemic rockers like Way Out to heartfelt emotion in Breakdown and In Pieces to unabashed sentiments in soul stirring ballads like Sorry Is Just Too Late and Is You, every song is a standout showcase for Shannon’s unparalleled vocal abilities.

But it’s not just his singing. Turn It Up, really shows Shannon’s growth as a songwriter and true artist.

Shannon was particularly thrilled to work with one of rock music’s greatest talents, Richie Sambora. The two wrote the blistering power ballad, Sorry Is Just Too Late along with producer Luke Ebbin. Richie also played guitar on the track which is bound to become an instant rock classic. The rock legend has nothing but praise for Shannon. “There are very few current artists that embody the great classic vocalists, but have a contemporary flair,” says Richie. “Shannon is that artist.”

“Working with Richie was amazing, “says Shannon. “He had no preconceived ideas of where I came from. He just treated me and respected me as an equal.” On Everybody Needs A Little Help Shannon’s ability to inject pure and honest emotion will again stir hearts and souls. “I wanted to keep the impact going after Lift,” says Shannon. “With Everybody Needs A Little Help, I wanted to get that edge back in there, to say no matter what you’re going through, it’s OK. You don’t have to do it alone.”

Won’t Let You Go is also another song straight from the heart. “That song is dedicated to my wife,” says Shannon. “I spend a long time away from my family, but I know she is always there for me, and if she ever wanted me to come home from anywhere I would come straight back.”

Way Out is a track that has instant crowd pleasing appeal. “In a way it’s about the big questions we ask in life,” says Shannon. “I call it a life song, not a love song.”

“Like my live show, I really feel this album has it all, from the rockers to the more intimate songs…the whole range is there,” says Shannon. “I’m driven by my effect on people and whatever I put on the album has to be honest.”

Since his indelible impact on the Australian public in 2004 with the release of his debut album, Shannon now finds himself in the best place he’s ever been with new Australian and US management. “It’s really taken a lot of pressure off me. I now find myself in a nurturing arena where I don’t have to worry,” he says. “I can just concentrate on the singing.”

While it’s inevitable a talent like Shannon is bound to take the next step onto the world stage, he remains firmly committed to his Australian fans. “Australia is the number one market for me,” says Shannon. “I’m so lucky the public has given me success and a career and that will always be first and foremost to me.”

Turn It Up is sure to crank up the volume on Shannon’s career. Not only does it reflect Shannon’s continuing evolution as an artist, a songwriter and a supreme vocalist, it’s bound to take its place as one of the finest Australian albums in recent times.

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