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Daddy Yankee’s “Somos de Calle”

May 18, 2008

It’s not easy to label Daddy Yankee. Not only is he a pioneer in the world of reggaeton who has gone multi-platinum and captivated millions of people over the world with his fiery stage presence, but he’s also a successful businessman, producer and talent scout; all while serving as spokesperson for humanitarian causes.  One thing is clear: Yankee’s resolve never wavers and he’s always willing to stare risk in the face.  Now the rapper is set to make his motion picture debut this summer with the film Talento de Barrio (Straight from the Barrio), which he also executive produced

Talento de Barrio is an upcoming film directed by José Iván SantiagoRaymond Ayala (Daddy Yankee) stars as Edgar Dinero, an angry young man from the slums of Puerto Rico who gets tangled between the thug life of his neighborhood and the beat of his barrio. On that path Edgar encounters disruption among his crew men, while falling in love with an uptown girl whom “Dinero” must conceal his strong ties with the violent barrio underworld.  Edgar may run, but is unable to hide from the scores of corrupt cops and the full blown war for the “Caserio” among his men. Soon enough Edgar must face the question. Would he die as the “Cangri” of the underworld or would he be resurrected as the “Big Boss” of Reggaeton?


Daddy Yankee contributed a great amount to the Talento de Barrio motion picture soundtrack. He recorded original music, as well as bring aboard fellow producers Nely “El Arma Secreta” and Tainy, who have worked with Daddy Yankee in the past. “Somos de Calle” was just released as the soundtrack’s second single.

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