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Introducing Question?

May 18, 2008

Cinematic Music Group

About Question?
Stop for a minute; forget everything you think you know about rappers from Texas, and open your ears to the self proclaimed “Future of the South. One listen to Question, and it will quickly become clear why industry heads are praising the talents of this exceptionally gifted lyricist from San Antonio, Texas. With a new sound that he has branded “Street Hop,” he showcases a lyrical side not many can duplicate and yet still remains true to the influences of the Texas Hip Hop Sound.
San Antonio born and bred, he’s seen all sides of this under the radar community, so whether it’s breaking down the dope game or making the girls in the club “bounce dey ass,” Question’s got it locked.
But there’s more to his music than Ballin’ and Pimpin’. This former member of the armed forces and father of two looks forward to a bright future in rap that began at the age of 7, when he discovered Kurtis Blow for the first time. With songs dealing with topics such as his father’s heroin addiction and being homeless out in the streets, Question? paints pictures with words. “Everything I do is different from what’s out right now,” says Question? with a matter-of-fact facial expression; and the southern movement’s newest recruit isn’t just talking smack. Although his name may suggest a cloud of mystery surrounding him, his style suggests nothing but answers.
“A lot of these artists are just copies of what’s currently hot,” says Question? “But I don’t sound like anybody, especially [anyone] out the south, Period. I’m setting a new standard. I’m trying to be a legend.”
Hard to believe? If only every new artist could spit and sound like Question?—mixing style and substance into a mixture that’ll force you to change the way you think about southern hip hop. “I try to use my voice the way most people just rely on their rhyme skills, I feel its twice as important as what your saying,” says Question.
“Those techniques along with putting words together, can take what you do to a whole ’notha level.” Armed with an arsenal of rappers, producers, DJs, and promoters that he calls “The Dope Supply,” Question has begun this new movement in the state of Texas. Question?’s appeal stretches way beyond the Lone Star State.
With production by a slew of note-worthy producers including Midi Mafia, Ric Rude, Denaun Porter and upcoming future production superstars J.R. Rotem and Briss, Quest’s debut is sure to have heads banging from Houston to Queensbridge. In addition, the backing of record industry veteran Zach Katz and the major force of Cinematic Music Group, Question? now has to answer the biggest question of his Career? …What major record label to officially call “Home.”
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