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The Black Howard Stern Premiere on BlogTalkRadio

June 4, 2008
I Ain’t Trynna Hear That is one of the freshest unpolitically correct shows on Blog Talk Radio hosted by Kerry E. Wagner.  The controversial author [of She Did That] Kerry E. Wagner is a motivator, innovator, and savvy businessman in his own right, but his latest project – the creation of his very own live radio show – has taken his genius to the next level. On his premiere show June 2, 2008, Kerry introduced his audience to what they will be able to expect from his new broadcast and gave lively discussion on topics such as “women and the lies they love to hear” and “where all the good men at? With the good women b****!” One of the topics that listeners couldn’t get enough of was “it’s against your religion to have an abortion…but it was cool to f*** out of wedlock…GET THE F*** OUTTA HERE!” Kerry engaged his audience with charisma sprinkled with brashness as only he knows how.
Want to hear the truth about different real life topics, “Ask Kerry” and as he states, he doesn’t have a problem with your questions, “as long as you can take the answers.”  I Aint Trynna Hear That is a “no holds bars” approach to brash reality. Howard Stern move over because another shock jock has entered the realm of multimedia and he’s moving at a brisk pace.
Tune in to I Ain’t Trynna Hear That every Monday night at 10 central time at or call in (646) 716-6166. Just a few precautionary words from the wise “expect yo bladder to be full because you gon’ be holding that pee.” Be prepared to laugh your a** off!
To contact Kerry E. Wagner email him at, visit him on myspace at or visit his website
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  1. Debra Ratliff permalink
    June 5, 2008 11:13 am

    All I have to say is , “Who let them dogs out?”(lmao) This man has no limits. How does he get away with what he says , one will never know. He has what you call the “IT” factor is what I know. You will be seduced by his brytal honesty for sure. GREAT SHOW and his books are the bomb as well!

  2. Mitsi Scott permalink
    June 24, 2008 3:38 pm

    It’s his humanness. Each time you listen to him or read his book or one of his blogs, you get a little more perspective of who the man is, and i mean EACH time. That’s what brings me back. I learn a little more about him, and i also learn a little more about me. That’s rare, and priceless.

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