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Blind Melon New Single

June 22, 2008

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In recent years, the tale of Blind Melon has taken a dramatic turn – from an abrupt and tragic end, to a rebirth and reconnection with their legion of fans. On the road since February, the band have played to sold out audiences across the U.S. in support of their new CD For My Friends, their first studio album in over a decade. During this time the group have garnered countless fans and graced the stages of a number of festivals including Langaredo, Summer Camp, Jubilee Jam and Birmingham City Stages.  Blind Melon also performed on the upcoming NBC Special “For The Troops,” a tribute to the U.S. Troops and their families, scheduled to air later in 2008.

No matter how you slice it, Blind Melon was responsible for some of the most memorable and pure-sounding rock music of the ‘90s. And with their reformation in 2007 with singer Travis Warren, Blind Melon are poised to pick up exactly where they left off a decade earlier – as evidenced by their new CD.

On February 28th Blind Melon began a five month U.S. tour, a continuation of what they built in the 90’s and the beginning of what they are building for the future. “We couldn’t have planned this and we certainly couldn’t have forced this.  It was meant to be and it was meant to be now,” commented bassist Brad Smith.  Guitarist Christopher Thorn adds,   “We weren’t waiting around for Travis to show up in our lives. But when we met Travis, we just knew Blind Melon had to reform and be a band again. We feel so lucky to have this second chance, this new beginning.”

Blind Melon originally formed in 1990 in Los Angeles, California, when five transplants from other states crossed paths – singer Shannon Hoon (from Indiana), guitarist Christopher Thorn (from Pennsylvania), and guitarist Rogers Stevens, bassist Brad Smith, and drummer Glen Graham (all from Mississippi). With a buzz created around the band, the group’s now-classic self-titled debut was released in 1992 and their song “No Rain” became a smash on radio and MTV.          

Unfortunately, it was around this time that Shannon Hoon’s drug addiction took a turn for the worse and he overdosed while on tour at the age of 28.  The four surviving members regrouped and issued an outtakes collection, 1996’s ‘Nico’ (named after Hoon’s then-baby daughter, and spawning such further Melon classics as “Soup” and “Soul One”), as well as the Grammy-nominated home video, ‘Letters from a Porcupine.’ At that point, an attempt to find a replacement for Hoon was abandoned, and in 1999, the group officially went their separate ways. Smith and Thorn subsequently formed a short-lived group, Unified Theory, as well as opening up their own recording studio (Wishbone), and becoming much-in-demand producers. 

In 2006, Smith and Thorn were asked to produce some songs for Texas-based singer/songwriter, Travis Warren, who also happened to be a diehard Blind Melon fan. While working with Warren in the studio, Smith jokingly said to Thorn that Travis “could sing Blind Melon songs in his sleep.” The idea was born. The four remaining members – who hadn’t been in the same room in years – came together to be reacquainted with each other, and to meet with Warren. Soon after, it had become apparent that they had finally located Blind Melon’s new singer. With Stevens and Graham reclaiming their spots as well, Blind Melon was back in business. Setting up shop at Wishbone, the reformed band spent most of 2007 writing and recording. But before issuing a new album, the group decided to introduce their newest member via a highly successful and completely sold out club tour in late 2007.  The tour elicited an overwhelming response from audiences and prepped both old fans and new fans for what Blind Melon has in store for 2008.



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