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Strictly Background – The Story of Hollywood’s Undiscovered Talent

August 4, 2008


Strictly Background chronicles the lives of Movie “Extras”

In Stores August 5th


Have you ever wondered how movies get all those people to perform in a crowd scene?  And how do all those actors know to scream, fight or dance in unison?  A new documentary by filmmaker Jason Connell exposes the behind the scene lives of ten working background actors, “extras.”  This humorous and heartwarming film focuses on the actors that most often, by nature of their roles, go unnoticed. Both an in-depth look at the Hollywood system and a character-driven film, Strictly Background is a dynamic exploration into the pursuit of stardom and the real life struggle to stand out.


In the film, we meet intriguing characters such as Tafan Nieves whose heart and conviction to build a career in the entertainment industry is both comical and inspiring.  Nieves is not the only one in the film that has experienced ups and downs as Hollywood’s human backdrop.  Another aspiring thespian, Geoffrey Gould, shows us how ones attitude toward background work can make a world of difference when casting directors are looking to fill smaller roles.


The idea for the film was born when Oklahoma native, Jason Connell, moved to Los Angeles and spent a few weeks getting acquainted with the industry by serving as an “extra” himself.  The experiences he had on set were memorable, and suddenly a whole world of storytelling opened up to him as he became exposed to the subculture of “extras.”  Next, Connell decided to flip the script and make a film chronicling the lives of some of Hollywood’s most exciting background actors.


In total, the film has won six Festival Awards and has screened at numerous film festivals across the U.S., as well as internationally.  And now the experience can be shared at home as Strictly Background is scheduled for a North American DVD release on August 5th, 2008 from distributor Anthem Pictures.  


Connell Creations was founded in Tulsa, OK in 1999 and then relocated to Los Angeles in early 2004 when the focus shifted from commercials and corporate videos to feature films and television.  Anthem Pictures sells to most major retailers and with a growing presence in North America, they are quickly becoming a popular distributor in the independent film industry. 


For more information, and to purchase the DVD, please visit the film’s official website at

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