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Midnight Rida

August 18, 2008

About Midnight RidaMidnight Rida is the urban comedic spoof of the hit 80’s television show Knight Rider.  A new crime syndicate is running ramped through the streets of Los Angeles and it’s up to one man and his car to bring the city back to safety. Our hero, Mitch McKnight, is a Texas transplant and the intern for a secret underground special intelligence bureau who is anxious to prove to the bosses that he’s got what it takes to become a special agent. However, the bosses don’t think of him as anything besides the little office jerk who gets them coffee in the morning.


Sick of the rejection, McKnight turns to the only man in the agency who will give him the time of day: disgruntled head of technology, Tyrone Jackson.  Tyrone reveals to McKnight a crime-fighting car with a mind and voice of its own.

G.A.R.I was an Oldsmobile. Now he’s back and better than ever with 26” rims, cush smokin’ tail pipes and the best technology that the Ghetto Replica has to offer.  G.A.R.I., as Tyrone and Mitch lovingly call their mechanical child, is fueled by a bad attitude.    

G.A.R.I. and McKnight are constantly at odds with each other mainly because G.A.R.I. can’t digest that McKnight’s candy-ass is always taking credit for his heroic feats. Not to mention that McKnight can never understand G.A.R.I’s urban slang and G.A.R.I. can never understand Mitch’s country draw.

This odd couple runs into all sorts of calamities but they still manage to make the streets safe for the good citizens of Los Angeles and avenge the death of Tyrone’s brother and former driver of G.A.R.I., Ash Jackson.


Eric Nickoliasen as Mitch McKnight

Mitch McKnight is our protagonist.  He’s our “McKnight in shining armor,” or at least he thinks he is. Mitch is the disgruntled intern at Midnight Industries that fetches coffee for the other agents, delivers the mail, makes copies and is pretty much crapped upon by others.  The only ones that seem to give him a break are Tyrone and his love interest Anastasia. He’s lazy but thinks he’s hard working.   He pseudo tries at everything he does. This character is similar to that of Seth Rogan’s character, Ben Stone, in Knocked Up.

Comedian Chris Spencer is Tyrone Jackson

Tyrone Jackson is the Head of Midnight Industries Security’s Technology department, Tyrone Jackson is always coming up with crazy spy gadgets for Midnight Industries.   He is the designer and inventor of the original G.A.R.I.  This character is similar to that of Doc in Back to the Future.

Chris Spencer (Tyrone Jackson) is an African-American actor, comedian, writer and producer. He was the first host of the syndicated late night talk show VIBE. He has gone on to star in several film projects such as The Sixth Man, Significant Others and Postal. He has performed on The Chris Rock Show, Jimmy Kimmel Live and HBO’s Def Comedy Jam.


Comedian Alex Thomas is Agent Brooks

Agent Brooks’ persona and style is similar to that of Tiger Woods or Bryant Gumbel.  He’s a distinguished, upper class black man.  This super anal-retentive character is always paying close attention to every detail.  He’s a kiss ass, always trying to impress Brevin.   His persona is that of Anton Jackson (Eddie Griffin) in Undercover Brother.

Alex Thomas wrote jokes for Will Smith on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, had a co-starring role on The Jaime Foxx Show and a platinum-selling stand-up DVD, Straight Clownin’. 

He’s in Kanye West’s video, Workout Plan, where he plays a ghetto Richard Simmons.

He did Straight Clownin’ 2, which Diddy produced and he worked with Diddy on Bad Boys of Comedy.


Comedian DeRay Davis is voice of G.A.R.I.

DeRay Davis has also appeared in a number of films and television programs since the early 2000s. Davis may also be best known for portraying sweet Ray Ray the Hustle Guy in Barbershop and also Barbershop 2: Back in Business. He also appeared in Black Entertainment Television’s show, ComicView, as a comedian.  The comedian also sounds on several skits on rapper Kanye West’s albums The College Dropout and Late Registration, and also appeared in his music video for “Through the Wire.”


Chuanda Mason as Agent Chuanda J.

 Agent Chuanda is the sexy agent and love interest to Mitch McKnight.

Chuanda Mason is a Model and Hollywood Actress. She stars on BET’s Hell Date. She’s appeared in magazines such as; King, XXL, Show, and Maxim. What most people probably don’t know is that she’s also a self proclaimed dating and fitness expert. She is also featured in Bow Wow and Omarion Video “Girlfriend”.


Aris Alvarado as Sensei Ese

Sensei Ese teaches Mitch McKnight how to fight. He owns a Mexican Martial Arts studio and he trains Mitch on how to fight in both cultures.  He wears karate uniforms and sombreros. He is Zorro and Mr. Miyagi rolled into one hilarious man.

Aris Alvarado is best known for his role in Kickin It Old School starring Jamie Kennedy. He plays Popcorn in the film.

Nic Nac is Rabbi Haim

Rabbi Haim imports blood diamonds by smuggling them in potatoes that he uses for ingredients for his front which is a Hebrew kosher latke shop.

Nic Nac is starring in the newest National Lampoon Van Wilder film. He has also debuted in American Pie Presents Beta House and the following films:

·Mitch and Stu’s Quest ( 2008 ) (pre-production) …. Sammy

· Action News 5 ( 2008 ) (post-production) …. Frank Homes

·  Noah’s Ark: The New Beginning ( 2008 ) (post-production) (voice) …. Hyena

·  2 Dudes & a Dream ( 2008 ) (completed) …. Sebastian Dinkle

·  Basement Jack ( 2008 ) (completed) …. Ted The Delivery Man
· Bitten ( 2008 ) (V) …. Pusher
·  American Pie Presents Beta House ( 2007 ) (V) …. Bobby

Tommy Davidson is Scurred Crow

Keith David is Brevin White



James Hannah- Writer

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