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September 15, 2008

Hi friends:  I’m baaaaaaacckk!  I sure did miss you guys over the last several weeks.  I had to regroup for a minute and take a breather.  I am ready to talk about all these nuts in the entertainment industry and “more”.  2008 has been, and continues to be, an interesting year because of all the changes America is going through.  War, a nasty, mud-slinging presidential election, racism at an all time high, the economy in shambles, young black men dying at an alarming rate.  Whew!  Need I say more?  I’m here to give my take on not only the entertainment industry, but everything that affects our lives.  Loving you always, JoJo.  J


It looks like Amy Winehouse will not reclaim the glory of her music career any time soon.  As I have stated before, Amy is one of my favorite singers of her generation and I was continually rooting for her.  After watching her steady decline, I now look at her as a pathetic creature.  Music lovers, it’s going to be a while before we see a healthy Amy Winehouse singing in that wonderfully soulful voice.  What a fool!


The MTV Video Music Awards was only so-so as far as award shows go.  The host, Russell Brand, was a nut who I had never heard of before.  I could barely understand him with his British accent, and he looked crazy as hell with that hair, but I liked him.  I didn’t think his jokes were that funny, but there was something about him that’s likeable.  Britney Spears looked marvelous!  And best of all – she looked healthy!  She was personable, cute and seemed to have won the war with her demons.  Yeaaaahhhhh!   Lil’ Wayne wasn’t as good as he should have been but I still love him.  Note to Weezy:  Bro, you should NOT have put on those red pants, white tee shirt, vest and goofy hat!  You looked soooooo country!  Who the hell told you to wear that?!  I thought Rihanna’s set was interesting.  As usual, she looked fantastic and I do like the song Disturbia, but it is a bit dark.  She looked quite the Goth chick.  My favorite of the night was Pink!  She was fantastic!  Looked amazing, sounded even better.  Loved the way she went berserk on the set! 

I want to know this – where are all the “real” musical artists?  Where are the folks who have some longevity in this business?  I’m starting to see far too many children trying to be grown-ups in the recording industry.  No freaking substance!  Where are the great voices with great stage presence?!  There is Mary J., Alicia Keyes, Jill Scott, Keisha Cole, Eric Benet (yes, I said Eric Benet), Madonna (still relevant after all these years), Prince (still performing, but not enough), Mariah Carey, Beyonce and a few others that are worthy of me spending money to see their concerts, but not many.  Hopefully, Jennifer Hudson can raise the bar with her new CD that’s dropping on September 30.


Kanye West was arrested at LAX on September 11 apparently because he attacked a photographer who was taking photos of him.  The worst part is Kanye tried to attack the guy again right in front of the police!  Is that stupid, or what?!  Supposedly, the camera Kanye broke was worth over $10,000.  I’m sure that is chump change to Kanye, but attacking someone could land him in jail.  I would think the dude has a bodyguard.  If so, wouldn’t that be his job to attack people?  Let’s see what happens next.  Stay tuned.


Here are a few celebrity birthdays this month in case ya’ll want to send birthday shout outs – American Idol alums Rubin Studdard turns 30 and Jennifer Hudson turns 27 on September 12; Ludacis turned 31 on September 11 (he’s looking real good), movie mogul Tyler Perry turns 39 on September 13 and Pink turned 29 on September 8 (I adore her).  They’re all young, rich and fabulous!  Damn, I just got depressed when I said that.  I think I’m jealous.  J


Speaking of Jennifer Hudson, she is now engaged to David Otunga.  I know, you have no idea who he is; well I didn’t either.  He is the dude who was known as “Punk” from the reality show “I Love New York 2”.   Punk popped the question to Jennifer on her 27th birthday.  I am always amazed at how fast people drop their old friends and loves once they become big.  But I have never seen anyone drop a long-term boyfriend this quick!  Jennifer – that’s a shame!  What happened to the dude you were with for years before you became famous?!  I’m sure he’s asking what happened to him also.  Well, good luck anyway JHud! 



Sad to talk about, but……….

I hope that Dr. Dre and his family are coming to grips with the death of his son Andre Jr., who died suddenly at the age of 20.  It broke my heart to hear this very sad news.  The Grim Reaper shall knock on everyone’s door but no parent wants to outlive their child.  My sympathy goes out to Dre and his entire family.  Much love.


Kevin Duckworth, former Portland Trailblazer center, recently died at the age of 44.  Too young to die! Sad.


If you have not seen footage of actor/comedian Bernie Mac’s funeral, please go to to watch.  I could not stop crying.  I loved him in Ocean’s Eleven, Ocean’s Twelve, Charlie’s Angels:  Full Throttle, Guess Who with Aston Kutcher, Mr. 3000, The Bernie Mac Show, The Kings of Comedy, Bad Santa…..I could go on and on.  Actor, comedian, family man…..he will be missed.  RIP.  Teardrops  L


Well, unlike Bernie Mac, brother Isaac Haye’s funeral was a side-show.  I loved Isaac and was shocked and saddened by his death.  But I was also sad to hear that his funeral was not peaceful and beautiful as it should have been.  What a damn shame.  As you know, Isaac was a Scientologist for many years.  And ya’ll know that not many Black folks can relate to Scientology or any “religion” like that.  Apparently, it was a “battle” between Scientologists and Christian’s regarding how the funeral should be conducted.  Issac Hayes was a musical icon and lived the American Dream.  He too shall be missed.  RIP. Teardrops.  L


This is not entertainment but it effects us all.

Thursday, September 11, 2008, our country honored all of the innocent victims of the 9/11/2001 terrorist attacks on these United States.  Monday through Friday, and on most weekends, I travel through the World Trade Center in order to get a connecting train to my “day job” – yeah I got one of those.  As I was on my way to work Thursday, September 11, I stopped to watch the ceremony at the World Trade Center for a moment and was really moved by all the people I saw holding photos of the loved ones they lost in the WTC on that horrible day, with tears streaming down their faces and prayers coming out of their mouths.  I was reflecting on the God that I serve and how we displease Him so with our corrupt minds and hateful hearts.  I also was remembering my own experience during that fateful day in 2001 when all hell broke loose and how it took me eight hours to get across the water from New York into New Jersey, which usually would take me 15 minutes or less.  I was remembering how fearful I was that I would die and not see my two sons again.  When the World Trade Center went down, right before our disbelieving eyes, none of us knew what was going on and whether we were going to get hit again; most of us thought – we’re at war.  For the first time in modern society the United States was being attacked right on our own soil.  The thought still sends shudders down my spine.   Even though we have gone on with our lives, those of us in New York City have never forgotten what happened because it is right in our faces – THE PIT – is there for all of us to see on a daily basis.  Now here we are in 2008 – 7 years later – and we are at war in the Middle East, the economy is in shambles, gas prices are outrageous, poor people are getting poorer, the rich are getting richer (well, maybe not with the collapse of Lehman Brothers), unemployment is at an all time high, prisons are filling up with black men (as it has been for years and years) and hatred fills the airwaves and the Internet, which is quite alarming. 

I just want to know – where do we go from here?  We need a serious change.  We need a new vision.


V – O – T – E!





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  1. Rosa Bryant permalink
    September 15, 2008 3:41 pm

    That was so gooooood! wow Jo, you just get better. I love the way you report the news, you represent the moment better
    than anyone I know in media, broadcast, print or cyber. Bernie, Issac, the ball player, would be proud of how you honor their memory with dignity and elan, Britney if she knew you, would be so encourgaged the way you write that she appeared to have conquered her demons. Amy, Kanye, Jennifer–for shame. Bravo JoJo, very well done. roro*

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