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7 Questions with Valerie Auguste Partin

September 29, 2008

“SUCCESS IS FAILURE TURNED INSIDE OUT” is Valerie Auguste-Partin’s motto. She’s the author of The Eye is Blind.

7 Questions with Valerie Auguste Partin
By Shelia M Goss

What’s one thing (besides writing) that you enjoy doing?
I enjoy being a mother to my son Dominique. He is 20 years old now and will be graduating from Concordia College in May 2009. God has truly blessed me with a gentle, intelligent, ambitious, kind and well grounded child. I am so thankful for each and every day that I have the opportunity to shape, mold and nurture him with unconditional love.

What’s your favorite quote?
Life should not be measured by the amount of breaths that you take, but by the amount of moments that take your breath away.

What television show best describes your life and why?
In the 1970’s there was a T.V. show called Fame which featured Debbie Allen. I loved that show because during that time I was a ballet dancer and scholarship student at the Dance Theatre of Harlem in New York City. I could relate to the personal triumphs and challenges of dancers because I was living it. I was mesmerized by the incredible talents of the actors and actresses on that show. It was incredible to see the various arts forms of dance, music, art, drama and poetry depicted so realistically on television. I still have a DVD of the movie Fame as a collector’s item.

What is your most valued possession?
My most valued possession is good health. Without that nothing else matters in life as far as material possessions are concerned.

What would your best friend say about you?
My best friend (Donna) would say that I am a passionate and intense workaholic with a AAA type personality. She would also say that I strive to surround myself with family, friends, co-workers and business associates that charge my battery with positive energy. I do not surround myself with negative energy individuals who have a tendency to drain your battery.

What does love mean to you?
Love means bonding with another individual on an emotional level either spiritually,mentally or physically. There are various levels or types of love. For example the love that you feel for your child is different from the love that you have for your spouse. Your love for your mother is not the same type of love that you have for your siblings. Love also evolves and changes over time too.

What is your favorite outfit to wear and why?
My favorite outfit to wear is my birthday suit (stark naked). It is so liberating to remove all of my clothes and jump into a hot bubble bath surrounded by water. I close my eyes and get an opportunity to be alone with my quiet thoughts. When I was pregnant with my son Dominique, I enjoyed watching my birthday suit grow, stretch and change for nine months as I eagerly anticipated motherhood.

To learn more about Valerie Auguste Partin and the projects she’s working on, visit her site:

4 Comments leave one →
  1. Sandra Banks permalink
    October 1, 2008 8:27 am

    Growing up with my sister was very interesting. As teenagers, my sister was always reading books, writing or doing something constructive – I have always known she would be someone.

  2. Pamela David-Proctor permalink
    October 1, 2008 5:38 pm


    I am so very proud of you! You have always been spiritually constant, connected, and beautiful. Your truth continues to inspire me and those who are your friends.

    God bless you and keep doing what you do well!!!

    Your Friend,


  3. Wnifred Davis (Pansy) permalink
    October 2, 2008 4:11 pm

    You are just a beautiful person. You have a wonderful heritage and come from a family of many talents. I’ve watched you create poems for my mom’s 80th, and 82nd birthdays. So it is no surprise that your book is a success. May God continue to stimulate you mentally, emotionaly, and spiritually.
    God bless you and your family.


  4. Donna permalink
    October 23, 2008 2:57 pm

    When God is for you, nothing can come against you !

    Valerie, It is your turn to taste the sweetness of success.

    You deserve it because you are creative, talented and work

    tirelessly. I am ecstatic about your meteoric rise in the

    literary arena. It is my honor to be one of your steadfast


    You Go Girl !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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