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Three Times Emmy Nominated Artist Kodomo

September 29, 2008

Kodomo: Concept 8:

Video Link:

About Kodomo

Emmy-nominated Chris Child, aka “Kodomo,” lives and works in New York City as a full-time composer, and is known for his music featured in television, independent film and video games. Although born in the US, he had lived in four different countries and spoke three languages by the age of 18.

“I picked up the nickname Kodomo in Japan because it means ‘child’ in Japanese,” Chris explains. After attending high school in South Korea, he came back to the US to study composition at Berklee College of Music in the US, graduating in 1999.

Kodomo has done remixes for the artists Freezepop, Omar Faruk, Dead Radar, Xandy Barry, and Sara Fimm. His music is featured in the Harmonix video games Amplitude, Frequency, and the iPod video game Phase, and he has also composed music for several independent films, including the award-winning documentary Silences by director Octavio Graham.

When asked about his work, Kodomo says, “I’m interested in exploring how non-musical mediums such as images, objects, landscapes, science and weather can be used as conceptual material for musical exploration. Much of my music is motivated by places and experiences.”

Kodomo’s wide range of musical influences includes everything from Brian Eno and Erik Satie to DJ Shadow, Kraftwerk, J.S. Bach and Cabaret Voltaire. Using recycled beats and his penchant for minimalism and film music, he’s managed to create a compelling form of impressionist electro that emphasizes warm sounds, melodic development and pulsing beats.

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