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Robin Thicke Something Else CD

September 29, 2008

I liked Robin Thicke’s last CD but wasn’t sure how I would feel about Something Else.  After listening to it, I can say that I was impressed.

The first track “You’re My Baby” made me wish I was in love. “Sidestep” had a little Al Green feel to it.

“Dreamworld” has a soulful tone while “Hard On My Love” has more of a rock feel to it. One of the nicest ballads I’ve heard in a long time is “The Sweetest Love.” I also liked “Cry No More.” Lil Wayne fans will definitely like “Tie My Hands.”

Something Else is available at any of the online outlets including

If you’re not in love, you will wish that you were with the songs on Robin Thicke’s new CD “Something Else.” ~ Shelia M. Goss, espot Entertainment and National Best-selling author of Double Platinum, My Invisible Husband and Paige’s Web

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