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R&B/HipHop producer Bellringer’s debut artist single “Lingerie”

November 17, 2008

“Lingerie” : listen now

Lingerie Video: watch here.

Imagine Quincy Jones in his prime, Teddy Riley when he stamped the New Jack Swing sound, the musicality of Jam and Lewis, P. Diddy’s Hip-hop R&B energy, the Neptunes’ and Timbalands unpredictability, and mix it all in with Prince’s prolific reputation, Babyface’s songwriting ability, and the international appeal of Akon, Justin Timberlake, and Ne-Yo, and you can begin to understand Marcus “Bellringer” Bell.

Born in Hampton Roads, Virginia, the breeding ground of some of the world’s hottest artists and producers, Bellringer started his musical journey sitting on phonebooks at a piano playing classical music when he was four years old. He fearlessly picked up any instrument he could get his hands on and any style of music he could get his ears on, learning to play over ten instruments from bass to saxophone by the time he was fifteen. Bell has been pushing boundaries since his early teens, running his own independent record company, releasing albums and playing in nightclubs.

Today Bellringer is an all-around entertainer who can sing, tap dance, rap and act. His stage performance is reminiscent of great entertainers like Michael Jackson, James Brown and Sammy Davis Jr. but with a new hip-hop edge.

Bellringer is a truly international singer/songwriter/producer and remixer. He has traveled the globe recording songs with artists in various languages and fusing many ethnic styles with Hip-hop, R&B, Rock, Dance, and Pop music, achieving top ten singles in Japan, Korea and India. His discography includes remixes for Sisqo, Anthony Hamilton, Rahsaan Patterson and others along with production credits for Capitol Records artist Chenelle, the full album for EMI recording artist GALA, Shakti, and many other artists signed to labels from Def Jam and Interscope, to dance labels like Incentive Records and Subliminal Records. His talents have won him an ASCAP R&B songwriting award and his music is featured on numerous TV shows including America’s Next Top Model and The Young and the Restless. In 2007 he was hired to score three experimental short films for a multi-million dollar ad campaign. Not to mention, Bellringer’s music is even featured on the new Reeses Puffs TV commercial.

Now Bellringer is stepping out from behind the boards to make his debut as an artist. With an album slated for an early 2009 release, Bellringer is set to bring his unique sound to even more ears. In his words he “aims to make you feel good, dance, evoke emotion and inspire thought.” He says, “I feel blessed to be creative and have the ability to bring musical visions to life.”

The transition from producer to artist has been a smooth one. “The majority of the album was done in a week. It just flowed as soon as I recorded the first song ‘Runnin’. That song has meanings on a lot of levels for me. In the song I’m talking about a female, but “the song is also about my relationship with being an artist and ‘going for it’ all of nothing.”

The forthcoming album will showcase the many sides of Bellringer’s artistry. “My mother wanted me to do a song that would show that I could really play the piano. Since I had graduated from Berklee College of Music. she thought I should show it off a little bit. I thought it was a great idea. Then I woke up from a dream one morning with the complete idea for the track and song. I dreamt I would be singing about a woman using the piano as a metaphor.” And thus the song “Piano” was born.

The first two singles from the album are the club banger “Lingerie” and the tongue-in-cheek “Frontin’”. Bellringer explains how the latter came into being. “Frontin’ came from a real life experience where I was at a party and there were some ‘celebrity’ writers and producers talking about all the records they’ve sold and bragging on this and that. They all seemed so over the top feeling themselves. The pretension was making me nauseous. I had to do something with this bad vibe I got from that whole situation and ‘Frontin’ was me channeling all that I saw into the song.”

With Bellringer’s innate ability to produce any style or any artist and make it sound hot, combined with a playful, charismatic personality that shines through his beats and in his lyrics, the music industry will be getting a makeover, Bellringer-style.

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