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eSpot Author of the Week Tina Brooks McKinney

November 18, 2008

7 Questions with Tina Brooks McKinney
By Shelia M. Goss

dubiousfrontcover Will Sammie make an appearance in your new book “Dubious”? No, Sammie is not in this new book. Actually I have no plans for Sammie in the near future. I have another book that I must begin writing and she’s not in that one either. Look for Sammie in Who’s Trippin Now?

What’s your favorite quote & why? Let You Haters Be Your Motivators. Do I need to explain further?

What television show best describes your life and why? I don’t watch television much. It’s on while I’m writing but I rarely stop everything and watch. If I had to choose a show it would be Survivor because that’s how I feel. I’m beating the odds by still being in the game.

What is your most valued possession? My family. Without them, I am nothing.

What would your best friend say about you?  She would call me a fool. I was the one that always came up with the crazy stuff to do and through my characters I ain’t changed.

What does love mean to you? Accepting someone in spite of their shortcomings. Love is patient and forgiving; people are not going to always do what you want them to do. Accept it.

What advice do you have for aspiring writers? This is a hard business. Most of us come into it knowing nothing. Learn the craft of writing and equally important the ability to promote. Listen to those that are truly willing to help you and be careful of those you trust. The hardest lesson that I’ve had to learn in this business is that everyone does not want you to succeed. There are some out there that pray on our eagerness to be published. Choose your mentors wisely, ask questions and if it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it. 

About Dubious:


Atlanta’s hotshot attorney, Felicia Clark, is bored as hell, deprived of sex, and is watching helplessly as her marriage careens toward divorce court at ninety miles per hour. Her growing feelings for her new client, Sherman Jennings, a handsome and successful software developer, is a distraction that promises to increase the momentum of her emotional free fall.

Before Felicia can welcome Sherman into her life with any degree of certainty, she needs time to learn why her husband no longer desires her and is hell-bent on sitting their thirteen-year relationship out with the trash. What Felicia uncovers—cloaked beneath a dark fetish—is a secret so vicious that if it were brought to light, it might literally rip her world to pieces.

About Tina Brooks McKinney:


tina1Tina Brooks McKinney is the author of All That Drama, Lawd, Mo’ Drama, Fool Stop Tripping. And The Set Up. She is also the editor of Taboo Publishing. To learn more about Tina visit her website at or visit

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