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James Reynolds eSpot Feature Interview

November 24, 2008

reynolds8658James Reynolds is best known as Abe Carver from the popular soap opera Days of Our Lives.  In this exclusive eSpot interview, Reynolds talks about being an actor and a cause dear to his heart.

How hard was it to break into daytime television?
It is very difficult being a working actor whether it is daytime tv, nightime, film, or theater. The competition is talented and the roles are few. Whenever someone asks me how can they can get a role on daytime tv I tell them that they must become an actor because they love the craft not just one potential area of employment. I have been lucky enough to have starred in four network series: 2 nightime and 2 daytime.

What are the pros and cons to working on daytime television?

The pros far outwiegh the cons. At some point I get to play comedy, drama, action, dance, sing, and of course love scenes with beautiful women. How could I even think of the cons.

Do you find it harder to act or direct? Do you plan on directing or producing any films?
Acting and directing have their on peculiar set of challenges. I love doing both. I do plan on producing film. I am actively involved in the early stages of that.

Did being a Marine prepare you to be disciplined as an actor?
Being a Marine helped me in every aspect of my life. Discipline, yes, absolutely. But there are so many other positive areas of life that my Marine experience helps me with.

I recently found out you are the chairman of the Department of Veterans Affairs 2009 Salute to Hospitalized Veterans.

One of the strongest measures of a society is how they take care of those who have dedicated their youth to protecting that society. There have been those shameful moments in our nation’s history when we turned our back on our veterans. We took their gift of sacrifice and returned little. I truly believe the country will never repeat those mistakes. The greatest message we can give to our young men and women in service is that they will be not be forgotten. They will not be forgotten at 18 and not forgotten at 80.

Be sure to watch James Reynolds on Days of Our Lives and support our Veterans.

Interview by Shelia M. Goss – national best-selling author of Double Platinum, My Invisible Husband, Roses are thorns, Paige’s Web and His Invisible Wife. For additional info, visit

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