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December 5, 2008

picture-29Hey folks, what’s up.  Just stopping by for a minute to give my take on what’s going on in the entertainment world and beyond.  And remember, it’s MY take, everyone has an opinion.




If you haven’t yet heard the soundtrack from the movie “Cadillac Records”, you should.  The  movie stars Adrian Brody, Jeffrey Wright, Gabrielle Union, Mos Def and Beyonce Knowles.  What I love most is that the non-singing actors sang the songs themselves!  Mos Def and Jeffrey Wright sound great and you feel as if you are in the 1950’s and 1960’s – very true to form. JEFFREY WRIGHT IS EXCELLENT!  Bey sounds wonderful on “At Last”, “Once In A Lifetime” and “I’d Rather Go Blind”.  Her sister Solange has one song on the soundtrack called “6 O’Clock Blues”, and even though Solange sounds good the song doesn’t sound bluesy at all!  Definitely does not fit in with this soundtrack.  I wonder how she got the gig?  I will be seeing “Cadillac Records” this weekend.  Ya’ll can hang if you want to.  J


I’m excited to see “Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is” back for another season!  That’s one reality show that I enjoy watching although sometimes it’s quite painful to watch Keysha’s mother and sister.  Keyshia seems so sweet, kind and polished.  Her mother Frankie and sister Neffie is so……..don’t want to insult because they both look like they will find me and stab me…… rough and GHETTO.  So you know I was shocked to see Frankie on the cover of HipHop Weekly looking fabulous! In the show it is quite obvious that Frankie is an “ex” drug addict, but on the cover of HHW she looks healthy and attractive!  But I guess that’s only a photo because today I watched a video on where Frankie and Neffie were making a spectacle of themselves in front of Mr. Chow in Hollywood.  It’s very embarrassing.  Go to that site and watch for yourselves then let me know what you think.  I guess once crazy always crazy.  J


The other realty show I love is “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”.  Interesting personalities and these women are really living large.  The season is over but you can catch re-runs on Bravo.  Oh, I hate Kim and love NeNe.  J


Britney Spears continues to be on the rise.  Good girl!  I’ve heard a couple of cuts from her new CD “Circus”, which is a great name since her life has been like a circus, and both were very good.  Britney can definitely get you on the dance floor.  She feels this is her best work to date and she may be right.  In support of Britney Spears coming back to life I will buy her CD.  Let’s all cheer for Brit Brit!  Yeeaaaaaaaa!!!!!  J


Lil’ Wayne got EIGHT Grammy nominations!  That is BIG!  Goes to show he was not just bragging when he said he is the best rapper out right now.  Can’t deny the truth!  Ya’ll know I LOVE Weezie. Besides that, the World Music Awards crowned him the world’s best Hip Hop/Rap artist.  Word!  (When was the last time ya heard someone say “word”! LOL!!)


Another one bites the dust.  Boy George, real name George O’Dowd, was found guilty of falsely imprisoning a male “escort” back in April 2007.  Apparently George handcuffed the dude and beat him up because he thought the guy had stolen some photos from George’s computer.  He’s facing jail time.  He’s stupid. 


OJ Simpson has been sentenced to up to 15 years in prison; he will be eligible for parole in 6 years.  As far as I’m concerned that is a travesty; it’s far too much time.  I’ve known all of my life that the so-called justice system in America is quite biased; you’d have to be brain dead not to know that.  And I knew OJ would get time because certain elements in this country wanted him locked up ever since his ex-wife was murdered, but I did not think he would get 15 years.  That’s wrong, but he should not have been so darn stupid!  Better man up OJ!  Sad ending for someone who used to be an American sports hero.


Jennifer Hudson’s brother-in-law William Balfour was formerly charged in the murders of Jennifer’s family.  Lord have mercy.  There was a time when Black folks would never do such a thing – kill a child.  I don’t know if the guy is guilty but if it is proven beyond a reasonable doubt that he is, then he should burn in hell. 


Just want your opinion:  whose the best artist Jennifer Hudson or Beyonce? 


As long as we breathe…there is HOPE

Love yourself and each other


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  1. Ebony permalink
    December 8, 2008 11:50 am

    Jennifer Hudson hands down is a better singer. Beyonce is an entertainer so she’ll always be able to do concerts, etc.

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