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Nathasha Brooks Harris – eSpot Feature Author of the Week

December 15, 2008

7 Questions with Nathasha Brooks-Harris

By Shelia M. Goss



Nathasha Brooks-Harris is the author of Panache, Can I Get an Amen, Can I Get an Amen Again, etc. I first met her back in 2003 during a writing workshop she hosted. I still utilize the things I learned from her workshop today.



What’s one thing (besides writing) that you enjoy doing?

Actually, there are two things besides writing that I enjoy doing: making cloth dolls and quilting.  I took a dollmaking class in 1993 because I was bored and wanted something to do, and I’ve been making them ever since. My grandmother quilted and I’d been fascinated by them since I was a child. When I found out there was a local quilting guild, I joined and started making quilts. So far, several of my dolls have been exhibited in museums, art shows, galleries, and in Mount Vernon City Hall. A couple of my quilts have been in quilting magazines. Those t hings made  very happy because they began as hobbies and became something else.

What’s your favorite quote & why?

My favorite quote comes from the Bible: To whom much is given, much is required.  I love it because it tells me that God has given me many things for which I am grateful. I am thankful for His many gifts. However, with all of them come a responsibility on my part to remain as humble as possible and to reach back and help someone who needs it. It means that I am encouraged to share with others.

What television show best describes your life and why?

Truthfully, none of the television shows currently on best describe my life. Many of the shows revolve around dysfunctional families and characters. My life is far from dysfunctional! LOL. It’s actually very routine (rote) and normal.

What is your most valued possession?

I’d have top say my most valued possession is my house. My parents worked very hard for it, and now it’s mine. I also worked hard to have it totally renovated and decorated to my specifications. It represents more than just a building. It represents dedication and many years of love when my parents and other close family members were still alive.

What would your best friend say about you?

My best friend would say that I’m loyal to a fault, very plain speaking, and a person who doesn’t exactly play by the rules or takes no for an answer!


What does love mean to you?

Love is not just the romantic/kissy-kissy kind of stuff anymore. It’s more than that. Love, for me after watching my parents going through illnesses and dying, means being there unconditionally supporting your mate. Love is all about will you be there to wipe your spouse’s mess if that’s what he needs? And will he do the same for you? That’s reality because that can happen–especially if they get sick and you grow old together.


What advice do you have for aspiring writers?

Study the writing craft in the genre in which you want to write. Then, study some more and never stop studying the craft. There’s always something new to learn. Study the business of writing because writing is all about the bottom line: money. Publishers want great stories, yes; but they also want books that will sell and make money for them. That is what it’s all about. Also, read voraciously. Read what you enjoy, and read for knowledge. Read a good daily newspaper, watch the news, and know what’s going in the world. Figure out what you want to write, then put butt to chair, and do i t! No excuses, just write. Do a first draft so your story is on paper. Then, edit, revise, refine, and polish. Then, send it out for possible publication. Attend writer’s conferences so that you will make friends with other writers and network. If you want to write, you can. However, you must be serious about your writing and put serious time into it. Most important of all, maintain balance in your life as you write. Make time for yourself. Hang out with friends when you can and don’t forget to date–whether you’re married or single. Make a date night once a week with your partner. It’ll help your writing in many ways if your life is balanced, healthy, and wholesome. Do not isolate yourself behind your computer. Come out and enjoy life, then go back to the writing with fresh eyes and a new attitude.


Look for Nathasha Brooks-Harris new book Sins Of The Past in February 2009. Book mark her site to keep up to date on that and other releases:

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  1. December 16, 2008 10:12 am

    Very good interview. I have a friend who makes dolls. I love her work. I agree with you on the dysfunctional t.v. families. Lord help us.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. December 16, 2008 11:42 am

    This is a wonderful interview, and all of it is so true. I met Ms. Harris a couple of years ago. She was my instructor, and she taught me the craft of writing at the Frederick Douglas Creative Arts Center. We became close friends. She faithfully calls me every day. My father is terminally ill with liver cancer, and Nathasha has been a TRUE friend. She encouraged me to pick up the pen once again, and to write to relieve the stress in my life. She’s my NUMBER One supporter. I can never express how much she has done for me. Thank you, Nathasha!!!

    I can’t wait to hold in my hands a copy of “Sins of the Past.” I had the pleasure of reading it, and I love it. Congratulations!!!

  3. December 16, 2008 12:27 pm

    It is always a pleasure to learn about Nathasha. She has been a loyal supporter of SORMAG and I’ve learned a lot about writing from her. I look forward to reading her new book. Many blessings to her.

  4. December 16, 2008 4:29 pm

    Thanks for this great interview with one of my favorite authors, definitely one of the fellow doll makers I most admire, and a very special human being. Nathasha is a most significant person within the publishing industry that needs to be celebrated more. Thanks for doing that.

  5. December 27, 2008 3:36 pm

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