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Soulja Boy New CD Available Now

December 19, 2008

Soulja Boy Tell’em apologizes for controversy and promises to be a ‘positive image’ for the youth.

 CLICK HERE to listen to Soulja Boy on YouTube.

Purchase Soulja Boy’s Sophomore Album at your local music retailer or purchase digital album from Amazon.

1 I’m Bout Tha Stax (intro)
2 Bird Walk
3 Turn My Swag On

4 Gucci Bandanna
5 Eazy
6 Kiss Me Thru The Phone
7 Booty Got Swag
8 Rubber Bands

9 Hey You There
10 Yamaha Mama
11 Wit My Yums On
12 Go Head
13 Shoppin’ Spree
14 Soulja Boy Tellem
15 Whoop Rico
16 I Pray (outro)


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