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Anytime with Bob Kushell Featuring John Stamos

December 22, 2008

From a garage in Van Nuys, it’s “Anytime with Bob Kushell”…a five-minute talkfest! This week: John Stamos (ER, Full House) undresses for Bob. Yet, how far will a friend really go?

Direct Link:  CLICK HERE

About “Anytime with Bob Kushell”

(Thursdays) Emmy®-nominated television writer/producer Bob Kushell hosts the new web talk show, “Anytime with Bob Kushell”. Filmed in a garage in Van Nuys, CA, the series brings everything you expect from a late-night talk show: short monologue, comedy bit, full in-studio band, and of course, celebrity interviews, all in a comically compact five minute package. Guests appearing in the first season include Christina Applegate, Jennifer Esposito, Neil Patrick Harris, Zach Levi, John Stamos, and Jeff Garlin, among several others. The web series is executive produced by Bob Kushell and Russell Arch, and is a Killer Custard Production.

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