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The Real Ghostbusters Volume 1 on DVD in stores January 13th

January 8, 2009



The Animated Series That’s As Big As The Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man Finally Arrives
In Stores As A 5-DVD Set And Includes All 30 Episodes, Plus New Introductions, Visual Commentaries, Image and Design Galleries, A “Creating The Real Ghostbusters” Featurette, DVD-ROM Features And More!

FAIRFAX, VA  – Charge up your Proton Packs and get the P.K.E. Meter running! One of the most popular animated series in television history to spin off from a major motion picture, The Real Ghostbusters, is available for the first time in its entirety on home video from Time Life – in two spectacular DVD configurations.  Produced by some of the team members behind the legendary Ghostbusters motion pictures, The Real Ghostbusters features scripts by some of the top names in animation, science fiction, and horror history, and top-quality visuals, plus a voice cast that included Arsenio Hall, Dave Coulier (Full House), Maurice LaMarche (Pinky & The Brain), and many more.  The Real Ghostbusters: Volume 1 5-DVD set arrives in stores on January 13th and includes all 30 digitally restored episodes from the first season plus over three hours of bonus features for $39.95 SRP.
The Real Ghostbusters: Volume 1 includes all 30 half-hour installments from the 1986/87 debut season in a 5-DVD set.  As a bonus, each episode features new introductions by various cast and crew members, and additional episodes feature visual commentaries, isolated music and effects tracks.  Special Volume 1 features also include an “Ain’t Afraid of No Ghosts: Creating The Real Ghostbusters” featurette, image and design galleries, and DVD-ROM enabled scripts and storyboards.  “The Real Ghostbusters has had a strong and vocal fan base for years, and the series has been one of the most requested shows for DVD release” says Jeff Peisch, head of Time Life’s video division. 

Spinning off from the box office mega-hit Ghostbusters (1984), the animated series The Real Ghostbusters debuted on ABC in September 1986 to tremendous ratings, critical acclaim, and an audience that ranged from kids to adults. The series functioned as a direct sequel to the movie, following New York’s paranormal investigator team — Dr. Peter Venkman (voice of Lorenzo Music, later Dave Coulier), Dr. Egon Spengler (Maurice LaMarche), Winston Zeddemore (Arsenio Hall, later Buster Jones), Dr. Ray Stantz (Frank Welker), their secretary Janine Melnitz (Laura Summer, later Kath Soucie) and their gooey green mascot Slimer (Frank Welker) — as they faced ghosts, goblins, trolls, demons, monsters, and even the Boogieman! In 1987, a syndicated version of The Real Ghostbusters aired Monday-Friday afternoons, while ABC continued to produce the Saturday-morning show.

The Real Ghostbusters eventually garnered a primetime special — which was nominated for an Emmy® award — and switched to a one-hour format in 1989, titled Slimer! and The Real Ghostbusters. This later version added a series of Slimer! short cartoons, aimed at a younger audience, but wacky and clever enough to still appeal to older viewers. By the time the series finally completed its run in 1991, 134 episodes had been created. The Real Ghostbusters was a hit in worldwide syndication, and also led to hugely successful toy lines, multiple comic book series, and fan clubs and web pages that keep the ghostbusting spirit alive — or undead — today.

About Time Life
Headquartered in Fairfax VA, Time Life Inc. was founded in 1961 as a direct marketing company specializing in music and books.  It has since grown to become one of the world’s largest direct marketers of audio and video products, selling more than 13 million units each year throughout North America, Europe, Asia and Australia, and is the largest advertiser of music products in Germany, Australia, and the United Kingdom.  Time-Life set the standard in the direct response industry by pioneering direct marketing techniques, building one of the most trusted and recognized brands in commerce.  The company now also sells their products through major traditional and non-traditional retailers around the world as well as via the Internet. Time Life is a registered trademark of Time Warner Inc. used under license by Direct Holdings Americas Inc., which is not affiliated with Time Warner Inc.
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