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January 9, 2009

picture-29Hey folks, what’s up.  I have not been around for a few weeks because of the holidays and taking stock of what I’m doing next.  Ya’ll missed me?!  I know you did!  Spiritually I have been elevated and prayerfully my writing will show that in some way.  Already in 09′ things are off to a bad start for so many people but I know it’s all going to get better.  Here’s my take on what’s going on.



I was recently reading an interview with Solange Knowles on and was appalled at some of the responses of the readers.  Very hateful.  I don’t understand why so many people hate Beyonce and Solange Knowles.  I assume it’s jealously.  And guess who seems to be hating on them the most?  Black women!  Sad.  Shameful. 


Congrats to Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner on their new baby girl!  I’m sure she is just as adorable as her big sis 3 year old Violet.  Nice family.  Hopefully, they won’t be destroyed by Hollywood like most celebrity marriages. 


It’s been reported that Soulja Boy and a few of his friends were chilling in the young stars’ Georgia home when six armed intruders burst in and robbed Soulja of $5,000 worth of jewelry.  Apparently, the thugs followed Soulja home from a release party. Soulja is a teen who I’m sure does not know how to handle his success and all the attention.  Advice to Soulja:  be more low-key. 


Please, please check out the photo of Ms. New York (from Flava of Love) that’s invading the Internet!  I knew she was a nut to begin with but she has completely lost her mind.  Once you see this photo of her wearing a black bowler hat, long pink hair, a black bustier and a pink tutu, you will know exactly what I mean.  Scandalous!  (You can find the photo on


Speaking of photos.  Amy Winehouse has been somewhat off the radar lately, but was recently photographed while vacationing in St. Lucia with some dude.  Amy looks like the poster girl for anorexia, which is why I don’t understand why she had on a 2-piece bikini.  Ghastly!  L  I can’t believe she is still alive.  Besides looking like she is at death’s door, she got into an altercation with another vacationer and threw a glass of water on the woman!  The offended female wanted to involve police but the hotel owner talked her out of it.  One day Amy is going to attack the wrong person and get a good old fashioned beat down.    


I can’t wait to see the Biggie Smalls biopic “Notorious”.  It looks like it’s well made.  I sure was his BIGGEST fan.  Miss him.


I wonder how Jennifer Hudson is doing?  Miss her. 


Good guy Patrick Swayze is fighting pancreatic cancer; has been for the last year which is a miracle for such a deadly cancer.  Barbara Walters recently interviewed him and it was certainly a tearjerker.  All the best Patrick. 


  Not So Pleasant

I bring to your attention two particularly awful police brutality incidents.  Police all across America are now worse than ever.   At least in my opinion.  Did you see the video footage of those rotten police down in Shreveport, Louisiana unnecessarily attack actors Josh Brolin and Jeffrey Wright?!  The incident happened in July 2007 at the Stray Cat Club , but many of us are just seeing the footage.  These animals pepper sprayed Josh and TAZERED Jeffrey!  It was disgusting to watch.  Of course, since neither one of them did anything wrong, the charges have been dropped.  Every one of those cops should be fired.  Doesn’t  matter who they abused; they should be removed from the force today. 


Out in Oakland, California a 22 year old Black man by the name of Oscar Grant was EXECUTED by a transit cop – shot in the back while he was lying on the ground.  Besides this young father and husband being killed by someone who should be protecting him, fellow cops stood and watched.  According to a witness, Mr. Grant had gotten into a fight on the train.  When arrested the UNARMED young man BEGGED the cops not to harm him or taser him.  Now he is dead.  A fellow passenger on the train caught it all on video.  One would think it would be an easy case in court, but we all know how police brutality could be obvious in a videotape but the cops walk away free men.   Horrible.  L


Every decent American should speak out loudly about both incidents!  Our new President has a lot to deal with in his new administration.  President Obama must include on his “to do” list police brutality.  As far as I’m concerned, that is one of the most important issues to be addressed in American society today.  All of these animals should pick up the Bible every now and then.  Learn that  one can be a police officer and still be compassionate.  



Recently in San Diego, California a military fighter jet crashed into homes killing a young mother, her two baby daughters and her mother.  The day after the tragedy the grieving husband gave a press conference that completely tore at my heartstrings.  This poor man was grieving his entire family yet he had enough love in his heart to forgive the pilot, asking us all to pray for him.  I write about this because this story should be a lesson to us all.  Don’t hate but spread love.  Open  your hearts to forgiveness and understanding.  I do believe that love conquers all.



As long as we breathe…there is HOPE

Love yourself and each other


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