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January 16, 2009

picture-29Hey folks, what’s up. Just stopping by to give my take on what’s going on in the world of entertainment. 

Bush is almost gone!  A new day begins!




First let me say to my son Akiem – what’s up young brother.  Nice to have you back among the living!  I wish you the best in all of your endeavors.  I know you’re going to make it big! If a Black man can become President of the USA, then anything great is possible.  Do yo’ thang!   


You know God is alive and well when a pilot can safely land an airplane in the Hudson River and everyone lives to tell the tale!  Did ya see that?!  The pilot Chesley B. “Sully” Sullenberger III is the coolest guy in the world!  This is one of the most amazing things that I have ever seen in my entire life.  All the world is talking about this miraculous ordeal.  God’s angels, along with this highly skilled pilot, guided that airplane to safety.  I, and everyone else, cannot say enough good things about this most extraordinary pilot.  The next time I get on a plane I pray to God it’s with a pilot like Sully.  Fo’ sho! 


Jennifer Hudson (JHud) will sing the national anthem at the Super Bowl in Tampa, Florida on February 1!  Yippee!  All of us at espot are looking forward to her return to the spotlight.  Life must go on.  God is good.


The great record label Motown is celebrating it’s 50th anniversary.  Yes, Motown was started 50 years ago!  The music of Motown truly helped to shape the sound of America and helped to brake down racial barriers with their integrated shows.  Berry Gordy started Motown with an $800 loan and built it into an empire.  Mr. Gordy is still alive and well today and looking marvelous!  Sad to say many of the great artists that came out of Motown have passed on – Marvin Gaye, Florence Ballard of the Supremes, Eddie Kendricks, David Ruffin, Paul Williams of the Temptations, Levy Stubbs of The Four Tops.  Oh, I could go on and on.  The music of Motown played a big part of my childhood and I miss it very much.  Happy Anniversary!


I watched the Golden Globes and was excited that Mickey Rourke won Best Actor for “The Wrestler”.  He’s an excellent actor and I have enjoyed many of his films including “Rumble Fish”, “Angel Heart’, “Nine 1/2 Weeks” and “Body Heat”.  Mickey disappeared from the radar for about ten years and Hollywood counted him out.  But like Lazarus he has risen again!  I am always on the side of the underdog. 


For now President Obama is a very down-to-earth man.  On January 10 Mr. President had a bite to eat at a restaurant in Washington, DC called Ben’s Chilli Bowl just like a regular guy.  Of course, he had his secret service entourage but he was personable, shaking hands, taking pictures and eating with the regular folks.  I love him!  Now if he and his team could only solve the ills of America I would ADORE him.


Madame Tussauds’  newest wax figure is that President Obama and they did a marvelous job.  It looks just like him, which surprises me since Mr. President is a Black man.  Most people don’t know how to get Black features correctly.  They usually make us with huge lips and wide noses, which is so darn stupid.  In this case, MT got it right.  You can find a photo of President Obama’s wax figure online.


That nut case known as Amy Winehouse is still on the brink of disaster.  In recent statements to the London Sun newspaper Amy claimed to be off drugs and in love.  Photos show Amy on vacation in St. Lucia  with her new “love” looking dangerously anorexic.  Well, she may be off drugs but Amy is still an alcoholic!  So much so that the resort where she is staying refused to serve her any more alcohol because of her behavior.  Amy was seen crawling around on the floor and stealing other guests drinks!  How embarrassing! Either this is a performance or she is completely bonkers and should go into treatment. 


HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the great Muhammad Ali!  The Greatest of All Time turns 67 on January 17th.  Don’t we all just adore him?! I know I do.  There will never be another like  him.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dr. Martin Luther King.  I wish Dr. King was here to see The Dream come alive.  Thank you kind sir. 


The Ugly Side of Life

Glory be to God!  The so-called police officer that EXECUTED 22 year old Oscar Grant in Oakland California has been arrested!  The savage cop resigned from the transit police force right after he murdered the unarmed young man and ran to Nevada.  This animal executed the young father while he was lying face down on the floor – he shot him in the back!  If this dog doesn’t get capital punishment I would not know what to say.  I truly believe that at least 60% of police forces all over America are filled with thugs and murderers.



As long as we breathe…there is HOPE

Love yourself and each other


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  1. Maria permalink
    June 11, 2009 11:18 pm

    Hi JoJo,

    I miss reading more of your writings… I think that you are a very talented writer and I look forward to the day I can purchase your novel !!

    God Bless Love Your Cousin Maria

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