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January 30, 2009

NEW YORK (January 30, 2009) – Brody Jenner will give one lucky “bro” entrance into his circle of friends, the keys to a luxury LA bachelor pad and a brand-new Toyota Scion in the season finale of Bromance.


Monday, February 2 at 9pm ET/PT

It has all come down to the last three contestants in the season finale of Bromance and before Brody hands over the keys to a luxury downtown LA bachelor bad and gives away a brand-new Toyota Scion, he calls in serious reinforcement to help him make the final decision. Brody’s mother, Linda Thompson, stops by to put Femi, Chris and Luke through a lie detector test sure to reveal who thinks like a bro and who should go.  What they say – and lie about – could be held against them as the true motives of the final three come to the surface.  Brody will send one more person packing before he travels with the last two standing via private jet to their hometowns. Once there, he sets out to get a first-hand look at their lives through their families and friends so he can get the real deal on which of them is better at being a real friend.

Viewers who can’t get enough can head over to to get “bromantic” where they can watch full episodes, check out exclusive photo galleries, or read about the contestants.

Ryan Seacrest, Danny Salles, Brody Jenner and Eric Podwall serve as the Executive Producers of Bromance. Eliot Goldberg, Jason Henry and Kathy Sutula are co-executive producers.  Jason Henry and Kathy Sutula are co-creators. Frankie Delgado is a producer.  Aaron Meyerson and Lauren Dolgen are MTV executives overseeing the production.

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