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Fast Forward by Celeste O. Norfleet

February 2, 2009
fastforwardKenisha Lewis and her friends are back!
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How did Kenisha Lewis’s life go from near perfect to sheer chaos in just a few months? Coping with family tragedy is tough enough without getting kicked out of private school and sent to the local public school, where she’s forced to make some major adjustments. New friends (and enemies), new clothes, a hot new guy who might be mixed up in something serious… It’s no surprise that those close to her think Kenisha’s moving way too fast. One thing’s for sure: in order to deal with the trouble that’s coming her way, she’ll have to figure out who to trust, who to ditch and how to be true to the person she really is.… 


-Enjoy the excerpt below- 
Chapter One –

4 Real, I’m Fine 
“All that oth er stuff is behind me now. I made sure of it. I don’t even look back anymore. It’s strange, like closing a door. But instead of being all nice about it, I slammed it, locked it, bolted it and then tossed the key. I’m done. It’s time to fast forward.”


   I swear sometimes I think my life is a reality show and I just don’t know it. The only things missing are commercial interruptions and that running thing at the bottom of the screen telling everybody about my mom, my dad and all my family drama. I can see it now, Kenisha Lewis Exits the Fab Lane: The Way it Ain’t, in Her Not So Real World. The thing is, I keep waiting for the director to jump out and yell cut when my take’s over. But it’s not happening. ‘Course everything else is.
   See, my life was clicking along just fine until my dad dropped his bomb that dumped me and my mom at my grandmother’s place in D.C. He was tripping as usual. His skank-of-the-month is a hoochie-momma reject with two—almost three—kids. They’re supposed to be my sibs. I don’t know. Whatever. Anyway, my mom died and I found out about my real sister. Things just went sideways after that.
   I don’t know exactly when it all s tarted, but all of a sudden things are just fierce, and not in a good way. After the summer I went back to my old school,2 0H azelhurst Academy for Girls, thinking everything would be like it was before. But it’s not. Nothing is the same. I guess ’cause I’m not the same. It’s like I grew up overnight, and everyone else is just standing still. I keep wondering when it all changed. Was it when my mom died, or when I found out that my cousin is really my sister, or when my ex-best friend, Chili, got pregnant by my ex-boyfriend, LaVon?
   It didn’t take long for word to get around about my mom and dad. Everybody knew they broke up and that my mom died after that. It still doesn’t seem real. I keep waiting for her to call me and tell me that I missed curfew. I still have her last message on my cell. I can’t erase it. It just seems wrong.
   Anyway, the only thing keeping me even halfway sane is hanging with my girls, Jalisa Saunders and Diamond Riggs. They’re still the same. We still joke around, and we still go to Freeman Dance Studio. Yep, it’s still our place. It’s the freedom to kick it out that really keeps me going. After everything, I just go there and chill. All I have to do is get through this new drama.

Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.
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  1. Kiara P. permalink
    June 1, 2009 12:38 am

    hey i just wanted to leave the first comment and say that i really loved the book
    and i want the author to continue to write more and more books about kenisha because i was really entertained by her books. So with that said thanks for being an inspiring author and write more books.


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