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Five Questions with Author Michelle McGriff

February 4, 2009

deadlyteaseMichelle McGriff is the Literary World’s best kept secret. Writing many titillating and entertaining novels, and stimulating non-fiction pieces, Michelle McGriff made her way gracefully onto the Black Expressions best sellers list in 2005, and quietly into the hearts of readers who enjoy her prolific, mixed genre writing style. With 25 books under her pen and many more on her mind, the talented and deeply appreciative of her gift of storytelling, Michelle McGriff, now resides in the San Francisco Bay Area, where she writes and teaches in the private sector.

Her latest book is Last Breath.

What do you want to do different in 2009, that you didn’t do in 2008?

I want to do more impact marketing. Working smarter not harder is always a goal.

What song would you use as the soundtrack of your life and why?Ordinary People – Because people seem to forget that writers are regular people, with ‘real’ lives and ‘real’ feelings. They deal harshly with us and don’t expect us to react in kind. The song is dealing with lovers of course but I do love my work and my relationship with my characters is a true love affair and so when its attacked I feel it pesonally.


What television show best describes your life and why? 

CSI–? Why? Because  I live in the ‘world of discovery’ and sometimes what I find out is gruesome haha.

What’s your favorite quote & why?

“Put down all that baggage and get on with the trip” this is because I believe so many people hang on to things they cannot change and this definately affects things that they can… or should. Moving past hurts and old drama can free up the mind and spirt to renew and refresh. Thinking of how the body renews itself every seven years, one can only imagine how stifled our growth can be by hanging on to old poisions.
What character in your new book could you most relate to?
Dana– she’s always helping even when it means sacrificing what she wants. She said at one point, “Here I am again, trying live my life through someone else’s dreams.” Not sure it made it to the book… but she did say it to me (smile).

About Last Breath:

The attempted murder of identical twin brothers fifteen years ago has been all but forgotten by the police, but not by one of the victims. Sean Porter, a defense attorney, awakes from a coma to find himself still alive, living a life he barely recognizes. With spotty memories of the night he nearly died, Porter has been trying to find his brother’s killer.

When asked to represent a Frat brother back in his hometown in a murder trial, old faces and places bring back memories of the night he was pronounced momentarily—dead. But, despite all that, it’s District Attorney Kimani Turner’s face that sends Porter’s world into a tailspin.
Truth that was told in a dying man’s last breath, is now shouting loudly from the grave. But is anybody listening?

Be sure to pick up your copy. To find out about Michelle McGriff’s other books, go to

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