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Diamonds in the Shadow by Caroline B Cooney

February 17, 2009

diamondintheshadowGenre: Fiction/Young Adult

Releases: 3/17/2009

ISBN: 978-1-4000-7424-2

Now available in trade paperback, a powerful novel about the difficulty of doing what is right.

Through their love for people, yet ignorance of the unknown, the Finch family joins alongside their church to open their home to an African refugee family who is moving to Connecticut. The Amabo family of four—father, mother, and teenage son and daughter— arrive with great hope. What the Finch Family doesn’t know is that there are not just four refugees in this Amabo family, but five.

            The Amabo family suffered unimaginable horrors in tyrannical Africa, but they begin to adjust to a life of plenty in the Finches’ suburban Connecticut home. The Finches also learn new lessons about “The Golden Rule,” and the adjustment seems flawless for everyone.

            But the fifth refugee does not believe in good will. This lawless rebel has managed to enter America undetected. And the Amabo family has something of his—something that they agreed to carry into the country for him without knowing the danger involved.

            When Jared, the oldest Finch son, realizes that the good guys are not always innocent, he must make a decision that could change the fates of both the Finches and the Amabos.

In this uncommonly penetrating story, Caroline B. Cooney presents a fresh perspective on how doing what is right is sometimes the most difficult thing.

About The Author:

Caroline B. Cooney is the author of A Friend at Midnight; The Face on the Milk Carton (an IRA-CBC Children’s Choice book); its companions, Whatever Happened to Janie and The Voice on the Radio (each of them an ALA Best Book for Young Adults); and many other award-winning novels. Caroline divides her time between Madison, Connecticut, and New York City.

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