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Surviving the Odyssey Interview

February 25, 2009

I was recently in contact with Indigo from the group Surviving the Odyssey. Find out more about the group in this exclusive interview.

How would you categorize the group’s music?

Our music is best described as a fusion of Electro-Rock, Trip-Hop, and
Alternative with a bit of Dance thrown in for good measure. The lyrical
substance of our songs encompass a great range of topics; we make sure to
cover all aspects of life and human emotion which exist in our time today.
With our extensive list of musical influences, along with us putting some
sci-fi / fantasy themes into our style, we utilize our creative freedom to
do whatever we wish. We really let loose and have fun with our sound, as
well as our live performance.

Tell me at least one unique thing about each person in the band.

Indigo: I am into monster truck rallies. I enjoy seeing ridiculously huge
trucks trashing and crashing into other larger than life vehicles. Seeing
the drivers raise from the wreckage unharmed is to see man’s victory over
Odd: he is an excellent baker of sweet treats and even ran a pastry shop
out of his locker in the 9th grade. Classmates would actually buy his
goods on regular basis, and he had descent pay from it for a while. It
wasn’t FDA approved, but he’s almost certain no one got Ecoli.
Krimson: he is an avid collector of toys, coins, pictures, and post
cards… among other things. The collections are gathered from around the
Turnstyles: he is a tennis / sports advocate. He plays both singles and
doubles, and he’s probably the most physically fit in the band. Every
once in awhile, when he’s in the mood, he will bust out some rather
intense break dance moves.

How long has the group been together?

It started out with just two members performing in 2005. In the summer of
2006, Krimson joined, and in the Fall of 2008 Turnstyles became a part of
the STO crew. We keep expanding with band members and new sound
techniques. I love working with such creative and talented people. My
band mates are awesome because we all push each other to reach new
innovative heights.

What are the band’s 2009 goals?

We plan to release another album, hopefully even two. We are wrapping up
a CD project that should be out on the market this spring. We’re also
working on new music videos, and expanding our touring radius. Opening
for more national acts is also an exiting goal for us this year.

Where would readers purchase your music and/or see you live in concert?

You can buy our music at CD Baby, I-Tunes (and practically any other
digital download site), Eides Entertainment (record store in downtown
Pittsburgh), and our official band website Although our
music is being played on 25 US college and internet stations, and about 13
radio stations in Erope, we basically perform live in the North Eastern
part of the US. We have, however, been expanding our live performance
radius. We’re consistently branching out in practical yet efficient ways,
expanding our growing fan base.

How can readers learn more about Surviving the Odyssey?

Look us up on or  

Thank You for the interview! (Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions.)

Interview by Shelia M. Goss – entertainment writer and best-selling author of Double Platinum, His Invisible Wife and other books. For more info, visit:

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