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The Ultimate Test Review

June 5, 2009


Review: The Ultimate Test



Ms. Goss has made her name as a bestselling author of `women’s fiction’. With books like My Invisible Husband, His Invisible Wife, Roses are Thorns, Paige’s Web and Double Platinum she’s shown she can hold reader’s interest in what some call `chick lit’. But now, she’s branching out into something new… stories for and about Young Adults. Having read the drafts of this book and the upcoming books in the series I have to say, again, she’s found her niche in this genre.

Reading about these young girls and their trails you would swear that Ms. Goss was taking notes on her life while going through it so as to be able to tell these young girls the way it really is now. The pacing is flawless and the stories realistic and totally engrossing.

Even if you don’t have a teenage daughter but more importantly–if you do–don’t miss any of the books in this series because the lessons taught here are not just for entertainment. Weight, peer pressure, teenage sex (should I, shouldn’t I), fitting in and more–she covers it all in a clean refreshing way–no cursing and no graphic scenes.

I would like to see the schools pick up these books for recommended reading… yes, I think they should.

 Reviewed by Michelle McGriff – National Best-selling author of Deadly Tease, Colored Summer and more

The Lip Gloss Chronicles Vol. 1: The Ultimate Test is in stores now or order your copy now, click here

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