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July 8, 2009


 I have not written JoJo’s Journal for several months, but with the passing of the legendary Michael Jackson I felt compelled to share my sorrow.   So many teardrops.

 This is without a doubt one of the saddest times of my life.  I am numb and it seems like I will cry forever.  I wish this was a nightmare and we all wake up ready to enjoy the new shows that Michael was rehearsing for. 

 I grew up loving the Jackson 5 and I remember fondly when all the magic began.  All of the Jackson’s are talented and special, but Michael was a gift from God.  A child prodigy who obviously loved music and to entertain but he also loved people all over the world. Michael went from being the precocious little kid who was the lead singer of his family’s group to becoming the greatest entertainer of all time.  How great is that?!   Besides my parents and other family members, nothing has devastated me more than the passing of Michael Joseph Jackson.  He is gone too soon. 

 For many years I have said that Michael needed better people around him; people who truly loved and cared for him.  Someone of Michael’s musical genius, generosity and stature should have been taken care of better.  I wish I could have done that for him. 

 Days after Michael’s passing, I was traveling up a mountain in Northern Pennsylvania during a heavy rainstorm.  All of a sudden the rain stopped, the dark clouds opened up and a ray of bright light came streaming through the clouds.  It was very beautiful.  I took it as a sign that God was welcoming His son Michael into heaven with open arms.  That gave me some comfort.

 Michael gave too much of himself to the world and the world took too much from him.  This beautiful, gifted Black man really gave his all.  As I write this I am crying again – tears streaming down my face.  Hard.  I am still crying because I believe Michael should/could still be with us for a few more years.  He made bad choices regarding his health and money hungry doctors and others took advantage of Michael.  You did not have to be in Michael’s close circle to see that. 

 So much great music – “Human Nature”, “Bad”, “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You”, “Thriller”, I could go on and on.

 I am going to miss this great, sensitive humble man as millions of people around the world will also.  May God hold Michael in his loving arms for eternity.  I am going to miss you Michael but I will continue to listen to the magical music that you gave us.  I love you, I love you, I love you.  Gone too soon.

 May you all be blessed and be kind.

 Love JoJo

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  1. July 10, 2009 7:47 am

    JoJo, when Usher song Gone Too Soon at the memorial I couldn’t help but shed tears. He will be missed.

  2. dishaluvsmj permalink
    December 28, 2009 3:49 am

    i could nt see the memorial clearly as my eyes were wet wid my unstopable tears….. i just cant stop loving you michael…. nd its true….

  3. dishaluvsmj permalink
    December 28, 2009 3:50 am

    i could nt see the memorial clearly as my eyes were wet wid my unstopable tears…. nd its true….

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