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New Book – His Invisible Wife

July 13, 2009

It’s official. His Invisible Wife by Shelia M Goss is in stores everywhere.  Join in the celebration.

The author of the Essence Magazine & Black Expressions best-seller My Invisible Husband is back with her fifth novel – HIS INVISIBLE WIFE.


Texas businessman Jacob “Jake” Banks is about to lose his business and everything else he’s worked for until his uncle dies and leaves him as the executor of his estate–only catch is, he has to marry and marry a specific woman in order to cash in on the inheritance. Big problem, since Jake has vowed to be a bachelor for life.

Brianna Mayfield is at her last rope. Her father lost his business due to Jake’s uncle turning down a loan. She’s convinced this caused her father to fall into a deep depression. She blames the Banks and vows to pay them back one day. When she sees an ad in the paper for a job at her self-proclaimed enemy’s company, she feels her luck is turning around. She applies and is later approached by Jake with a proposition she can’t turn down.

Stop by your favorite book store or order online (

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