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Drawn Together – The Complete Series DVD Box Set

November 9, 2009




Packaged As The Ultimate “Party In Your Box” With Exclusive Games Including “Drawn Together: The Board Game!” A Physical Trivia Game, “Get The DT’s Drinking Game” And “Drawn Together: Truth Or Dare” Are All Unique To This Gift Set


Also Includes “The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie!” Red Band Trailer


Rabid fans of the cult animated series “Drawn Together” cannot wait to get their hands on this huge, dirty package. “Drawn Together: The Complete Series – Extended & Uncensored” DVD box set, released via COMEDY CENTRAL Home Entertainment and Paramount Home Entertainment, arrives in stores nationwide on Tuesday, November 17 and will also be available at

This six-disc DVD box set of “Drawn Together: The Complete Series – Extended & Uncensored” is packaged as the ultimate “Party In Your Box” with exclusive games “Drawn Together: The Board Game!” a physical trivia game, “Get the DT’s Drinking Game” and “Drawn Together: Truth or Dare” which are all unique to this gift set. The DVD box set features all 36 episodes completely uncensored and includes the following bonus features: “The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie!” red band trailer; audio commentaries by the cast and creators; behind-the-scenes interviews; a karaoke sing-along; a “Censored/Uncensored Game;” and deleted scenes.

The eight stars/housemates of “Drawn Together” represent iconic archetypes from the world of animation and include: “Captain Hero,” a not-so-moral do-gooder reminiscent of the Saturday morning TV super heroes of the 70’s; “Clara,” a 20-year-old sweet and naive fairy-tale princess; “Toot Braunstein,” a black-and-white pudgy heart throb from the 20’s; “Foxxy Love,” a sexy mystery-solving musician; “Spanky Ham,” a foul-mouthed Internet download pig; “Ling-Ling,” an adorable Asian trading card mini-monster; “Wooldoor Sockbat,” a wacky Saturday morning whatchamacallit; and “Xandir,” a strong, young gay video game warrior. The characters left their animated “reality” and entered a new world where their cartoon universes collide with a bang, combining different styles of animation and different personalities, all “drawn together.” This was COMEDY CENTRAL’s first original animated series that was drawn traditionally and in 2-D digital ink and paint animation.

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