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MoNique Wins Golden Globe

January 18, 2010

Congrats to MoNique for her unforgettable role in the movie Precious based on the book Push by Sapphire.

Below are some of my comments on Twitter during last night’s Golden Globe:

Yes!!! Monique congrats on your Golden Globe 

I love that dress Monique has on.

I just love Sandra Bullock. I hope she wins one tonight as well. 

I watch the show The Good Wife–glad to see people winning that I actually want to win.

I also like Monique, Mariah Carey and Penelope Cruz’s dresses.

The organizers weren’t that prepared–on the red carpet…they didn’t have tents up and they all had to walk in the rain.

I knew Meryl Streep was going to win.

Every time I see Precious there are scenes that bring me to tears.

Kevin Bacon wins…I don’t recall seeing his performance though so I’ll have to check it out later.

Congrats Drew Barrymore–stop crying though girl–accept that award and get off the stage!

I want Drew to play one of my characters. She’s a natural.

True Blood or House should have won that one.

Okay I take it from the fellows responses Halle gets best dressed lol

I need the vitamins Sophia Loren is taking. She is ageless.

I saw Avatar 2 weeks ago–loved it.

I saw the movie The Hangover…surprisingly I liked the movie.

I’ve enjoyed sharing the Golden Globe moments with you all. I hope this week is all that U need it 2 B.

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What did you like or dislike about The Golden Globes?

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